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Sex: Female
Hair: Long, pale blonde
Eyes: Sky Blue

What you would see is a slim winged female with long pale blond hair and sky blue eyes. She'd appear watchful and quiet, much preferring to watch others rather than approach anyone. She looks as if she could be of celestial descent.

Bio is a work in progress and generally will only include what you might notice on sight.

Red: Anything SABAN. Anything against server rules.  Scat, Vore. OOC or IC Jealousy (catfights with jealous females .. not fun.  Many other things I"d rather do, including share *grin*).  OOC possessiveness, this is creepy ... just no.  Romance, falling in love.  Setting up RP in an OOC way. Perma-death, any physical changes without prior consent. Some things would be discussed in game if we pass general rp or as they come up.

Yellow: Crowds, I do have trouble with crowd situations but at the same time I do enjoy being pushed a bit.

Green: General RP, random chats, above all making friends and storyline play, slave/pet play, non-con play ..  Feel free to approach and talk to her. Most things are "find out in game or by simply asking me"
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf