Alanas Al-Shannah

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Bio coming soon (I swear)

Whites : Full female, cuddles, story driven rp, light bondage, being dominant, training (Giving), adding people to her hoard, sexy clothes, long lasting relationship, slave/master relationship not only involving sex, biting, clawing

Green : Shemale/males, casual fun, being submissive, bratty partners, light blood and pain play (giving and receiving), magical sexy stuff, anal, vaginal and oral sex (both giving and receiving), teasing, rp not always ending up with sex, casual conversation, dubious consent

Yellow : Foot stuff, character that are furred or scaled, character with outlandish height (like over 7' or under 4')

Reds : Things not allowed on the server, pregnancy related stuff, vore, toilet stuff, extreme violence/gore in ERP (outside it's perfectly fine), characters that act very childlike in ERP, doming guys or shemale, trying to collar/enslave/capture Alanas, subs that stabs you in the back (If you want to leave Alanas for someone else or for other reasons, just send me a tell and don't try to ruin my toon along the way) jealous people
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human