Laelrae Zauviir

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Laelrae seems to be a young drow. Her skin is grey and her hair is white like the snow. She seems to be more drow than human but she seems to be a little more taller than her brothers and sisters Drows.

Her outfit is often black and purple. She seems to have always a bag on her back and a belt with a lot of wizards and alchemist tools. Furthermore, she seems to smoke often and a hemp smell can be smell around her.

She seems to pray Eillistraee as a silver ring can be see on her left hand. She seems to be close of Mystra too as an another ring on the same hand can be see. For her personnality, go to see only in RP.

Green : Simple RP (social RP), adventures, science RP, magic RP, PVE, work on my projects (magic tower or mercenary), alchemist RP. ERP : She's bisexual.

Red : Drama and mix OOC (I'm not my character), players don't fairplay (refuse to use rolls by example), Metagame, Powergame.

I'm really friendly so don't hesitate to come to RP with my char or to talk to me. It's a game, we're here to have fun so you're welcome to see me :)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf