Ellie Kister

Ellie Kister
Race:  Halfling
Age:  18
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Sexual Preference:  Lesbian

Ellie is a young sorceress who has failed spectacularly in her pursuit of arcane knowledge.  Instead of dangerous fireballs, the girl's magic fizzles out in strange, erotic and downright kinky ways - and usually to her own humiliation.

In terms of clothing, she tends to favor skirts and shirts, particularly the uniform she wore when she still attended her magic class.  The clothes are simple, and afford her no additional protection - for fighting _or_ her modesty.

Physically, Ellie is quite modest.  Cute would be an apt description.  Her breasts are little more than a B-cup, and a magic mishap has deprived her of all but the hair on her head.  She does her best to remain proud of her accomplishments, yet that pride can easily be ground down by those who wish to belittle her.

The young halfling is quite inexperienced when it comes to her... preferences.  Unknown to her, forced pleasure, bondage and submission are among her greatest turn-ons.  She will never admit to being attracted to other women, but she is very much a lesbian in denial.

Have an idea for how her spell could fail in a manner that gives your character an advantage over her?  Any kinky ideas that I haven't thought of?  Send me a tell, of course!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Halfling