Zix the Satyress

Character is a shapechanger and might change on a whim!

Name: Zix
Gender: Shemale
Race: Demonic Satyress?
Height: Typically between 7 and 12 feet tall!
Age: Looks young!
Skin Color: Black
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Gold'ish
Physique: Curvy and toned!
Sexuality: Not picky!

Typical demeanor:
Forward, playful, sometimes pushy and almost always horny. Especially if there's something cute nearby! She does have a bit of a mean streak at times, though.

Huh. A beefy shemale. With meat in all the right places! Let's start at the top and work our way down!
The very top of this she-beast of a shemale is adorned with a pair of large, curved horns, much larger than one would expect from a faun, but they're not the most impressive rack she's sporting, which we will get to sooner!
Framed by the red strands of her crimson hair is a perfectly symmetrical face with sharp features. Bright, golden eyes scan their surroundings looking for "prey", filled with mischievousness and a kind of predatory lust one would expect from such a devious creature! A pair of juicy, red lips bring a bit of color to her dark face, coated in messy lipstick, the kind that is sure to leave delcious marks on whatever they're pressed against. Should one spot the tongue that rests somewhere beside the mentioned lips it would be easy to notice just how flexible and long the muscle is, able to extend to unsettling lengths!

Her head rests on a pair of strong shoulders (and a shapely neck, of course), perhaps a bit wider than what would be considered lady-like, but with her typical lazy, almost slouching stance it would be hard to tell. Her arms betray the muscular nature of the beast, even relaxed they are nice and toned, but with just enough fat to give her an excessively "ripped"-look. Between her arms (And obviously below her shoulders!) is another juicy, feminine piece of the dark satyress. Two large orbs adorn her chest, each more than a nice handful for anyone her size, with a pair of golden rings breaking the dark shape of her body. The tits have quite the firmness to them, having little to no jiggle whenever the she-stud moves, but they make up for it with depravity. Should one be fortunate enough to knead the satyress' funbags, pale, creamy milk would leak out, the fiendish fluid the kind that would leave lesser mortals in a haze, a nice, potent aphrodisiac. A six-segmented wall of muscle make up her belly, even relaxed it would be firm and etched, and should she feel like flexing it one would find the muscle more than rock-hard, enough to break a baseball-bat against, or shatter the skull of some poor victim should they ever end up butting their forehead against her belly. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

If one were to get behind her they'd notice that she's missing any hint of a cute faun-tail, but she instead has made up for it with having a big, bubbly ass, each half big enough to fill out even the largest of hands, and while it's firm like the rest of her, a proper slap would be enough to make all that juicy assflesh jiggle delightfully! Supporting the excessive mass of ass, tits and muscles would be... More muscle! Thick, powerful thighs provide the pillars holding up her form, quite literally the definition of "Death by snu-snu" as she could no doubt crush all kinds of stuff between them, should be inclined or careless enough to do so! More evidence of her satyress-ness is apparent at the very base of the she-beast in the form of a pair of digitigrade shins, complete with a thin layer of crimson fur and wide, cloven hooves, but despite the unwieldy-ness of such legs Zix seems to move with ease, even if her hooves sink into the soil every now and then.

...Why do I get the feeling I'm forgetting something... Oh, right! Eyebrows! No, wait... Cock!

Betwixt her legs rests a truly massive endowment, looking like it would be more fitting on a stallion than it would be on a woman! If this wasn't Sinfar, that is. The massive horsecock reaches well past the woman's knees, every step making it stroke and slap against the insides of her muscular thighs, providing it with some very unnecessary excitement. The equine knob comes complete with a flared, unforgivingly blunted tip at end and the cuntsplitting extra girth of a sheath at the base, with finger-thick veins decorating the length should it be excited enough. Providing the bitchbreaker with the all-important fuck-juices is a pair of massive balls in a perpetually swollen sack, fitting snugly between her legs. Even relaxed those two cumfactories continuously churn out baby-batter, the excess slowly dripping out from the blunted cockhead to leave slippery marks in the wake of the Satyress, unless she has taken measures to contain it, of course. Like stuffing the dicktip in a bag of holding or an elf or something. Should she get excited it's a different story, of course! Ramping up with her arousal, those relentless cumfactories between her legs would pump out load after load of gooey spunk, providing some much needed lubrication for the oversized meat no doubt buried somewhere wet and wrecked, and even if whoever she's with is fortunate enough to survive her size, there's a very real risk of downing! And as one could expect from such infernal seed it's not just virile enough to breed pretty much anything, but a single taste would be enough to turn any weaker woman into a begging little cumslut!

Welp, that's pretty much it.

So, lights!

Reds (No-no's):
Scat. Permadeath without reason. Excessive filth.
Oranges (Something I might RP but probably won't enjoy or very mood dependent):
Vore (Soft or hard), watersports, recieving anal.
Yellows (Mood dependent, ask):
Orgies, shemale-on-shemale.
Pretty much the rest! Anything from casual chatting to literally fucking someone to death. ^^ Oh, and sharing is caring!

Tell friendly~!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human