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Sleek, athletic, and toned.

Burning, fiery, and scathing.

Valorin carries the physique and appearance of someone well accustomed to travel. A variety of minor scars and blemishes dot his exposed skin, which was deeply colored by the sun. A particularly nasty looking marring rests on the left side of his abdomen. A twisted, mottled patch of scar tissue.

The most eye catching feature adoring his body was without a doubt the patches of deep, obsidian scales. Smooth and reflective, they appear concentrated around his waist, spine, joints, and collarbones. From the base of his spine, a long, slender tail extends behind him. Talons fit to carve meat from bone adorned each of his fingers.

Piercing, orange-yellow eyes observe their surroundings with a keen interest. Set among sharp, predatory features, his face is one of measured confidence. Pointed canines and curled horns complete the visage of one not entirely human, framed by locks of raven black.

The half-blood's avarice and vanity is put on display for all to see. His choice of bodily decoration comes in jewelry of golds, silvers and other precious metals. The scent of exotic spice, perfumes, and other costly colognes is never far from his person. In combination with the stifling, radiating heat from his body, it was at times and overwhelming coupling.

(( Tell friendly most of the time. ))
Player:Dweller of the Deep
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human