Rowena Delethor

Name: Rowena
Race: Human, for now...
Gender: Female
Age: 24

This young adult woman stands about 5' 1" (1.55m), and her cool blue eyes always look about inquisitively.  She keeps her auburn hair shoulder-length and parted, and keeps the rest of herself tucked into comfortable clothes or a nice leisurely robe, doing little to hide the plush curves of her wide hips, voluptuous rear and large breasts.  There always seems to be a corner of her lips turned up in a smirk, and one or the other hand likes to tap on the thick book at her side.  Those to see her undressed would find the plush woman underneath, with wide hips and a round, bubbly rear - just enough to toe the line before being considered pudgy or overweight.  Her tits fall into the range of a perky DDD-range, a tad on the larger size for her build..

Rowena's younger life, until very recently, was that of a man named Rowan.  Recently, someone changed her into a plump, curvy woman, and she is eager to explore what awaits her in this new, foreign body.  As a summary of what her past entailed, prior to Sinfar: it was one that had him watching death many times, be it family, friends, or colleagues.  Never being in a place to prevent it before, he was drawn to the arcane in the attempt to stave it off; if not for others, then inevitably for himself.  Delving into increasingly dangerous magics and dark tomes has frequently turned out in naught but disaster for some party.

The latest ritual he attempted banished him to the plane of Sinfar.  With a clean slate and an empty spellbook, Rowan set out to seek what power and magic he could, eager to fill his spellbook and find out who, or what, he would become.

(Always sought, not required; Good RP tops all!): Transformation, Magic, Genderbending, Body Modification/Changes, Fiends/Corruption, Mind-Bending, Short or Long-Term RP, Consensual, Dub/Non-Concensual (tell/ooc first is appreciated, please!), Switch (still learning server/emotes, so might be sub first to get used to it), and more!  New, strange experiences welcome!

(Circumstantial, but generally good; RP dictates): Permanency, Pregnancy, Scheduled Events/Appointments (IRL comes first), Tentacles, Lactation, Udders, Furry (Furry/Anthro isn't my style but I'm not averse if RP leads to it), Watersports/Scat/nastiness (very hesitant/exploratory, tread carefully please!).

(No's): Mutilation/Gore/Permadeath, Hard Vore, Anything Rule-Breaking, Feral/Mindless/Beastiality.

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Very Tell-Friendly!  Feel free to approach IC or OOC :)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human