Black Dove

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Based on Homebrew (not personal) & d20. For Reference:


>The Kayal: Avanmora
>Gender: Female
>Age: Unknown
>Height: 6'
>Weight: 145 lbs
>Build: Waifish
>Skin: Pale grey
>Eyes: Yellow
>Deity: [RP]
Languages: Various.

Greens: Conversation, Smut, Carnage.
Reds: Vomit, Vore, Scat.


>The Disguise: Black Dove
>Gender: Female
>Appears: 20-ish
>Height: 5'7"
>Weight: 125 lbs
>Build: Lithe, Wiry of frame
>Skin: Olive-toned
>Eyes: Blue (R), Green (L)

Wisps of bleached hair frame the flawless countenance of this heterochromia eyed beauty. Unruly locks that tendril when wet, hold a curl forever, and never truly straighten.

Full lips ever set in a grin, convey the merriment that spills from this seemingly human young woman.

A blue, and a green pupil hide behind a set of heavy lashes, in a wide-eyed gaze that intently beholds the world around. Often keen to narrow in on movement, mischief; the idle gaze is never just.

A long narrow neck leads to a narrow trunk topped with soft rounded shoulders. Long, defined arms relay a life labor, rather a skill-set where brawn were paired with precision.. A pair of dainty hands retained all ten long, thin, deft fingers which could exact those most delicate of tasks.

A thin waist, flared out to a set of narrow hips and a small, pert buttock which hardly bounced and rarely jiggled; but were usually barely contained in a tight pair of trousers, or beneath a long, flowing skirt.

The height of thighs, set subtly apart were toned, though shapely which were true all the down to a slim pair of ankles. Two medium shaped feet with high arches were showcased in a variety of heeled shoes, boots, or sandals.

The height of this young doll were not impressive, though her skill with a great blade certainly were; but what were lacked in height and in a specific skill-set were more than made up by her confidence, sense of self and empathy for the world around her.

Player:Captains Daughter
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf