Race: Fey
Subrace: Lampad (Nymph of the Underworld)
Apparent Age: Mid-late twenties.
Figure: Slender with curves.
Sex: All female


Janus (Beautiful):
Ivaran (Stocky):

Notable things:
- She always wears a locket around her neck.
-She is reputedly a Queen of the Fey.

Starting with the hair, five long braids flowed down the woman's back. Silky smooth and tightly bound, each braid had a smaller braid entwining around it. Not a single hair seemed out of place. She left bangs which went down the front of her shoulders.

Her figure was not ample, especially not ample in these lands. She had supple curves, and slender, graceful limbs. Not marked at all on her body.

Her features were soft, her eyes an aquamarine, almond shaped and framed with long lashed. While she often wore dark colours, she was quick and easy with a smile and laughs. Not so brooding as a smile or smirk frequently graced her full and soft lips.

Green Lights
Action, adventure, romance, flirting, training. Dominance. Male drow, male fey

Yellow Lights
Women will take some convincing and she's not interested really.

Red Lights
The usual.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf