Eva D'nirn

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Race: Half-Elf (High Elf, Oerth)
Profession: Arcanist (Sorc+Wiz)
Specialty: Conjuration, Wild Magic
Age: 57, visibly early 20s.
Weight: Chubby, plump!
Aligned: Neutral Good

Commissioned art!

Please no tells unless I know you. If I've told you to leave me alone, please just leave me alone. I'm tired of how this server has treated me and I don't belong here. I just want my little corner where I can be happy, away from everyone else.

TLDR - A rather curvy woman, clearly nerdy and typically cheerful. Seldarine religious symbols are present, and her knowledge of magic is more than obvious, but she never carries a spellbook with her.

This one's a little bit off her rocker, but there's always a chance that she's worth it. Eva's hands toy with dark arcane forces beyond her understanding. A magical aura surrounds this woman at all times, an aura that is heavily amplified if her shadowy wings are put on display. She is occasionally accompanied by a thick dark tentacle that winds and coils around her plump feminine form. It even merges with her clothing in a weird illusion-y kind of way.

Occasionally, the chubby thing may drift from black to blonde, her tentacles changing in hues to match. It's really, really fun to be an arcanist because all that sort of stuff is easy to do. More importantly however, is the enchanted earring that represents her loyalty to House D'nirn. Engraved upon it is a faintly luminescent pattern resembling a burning rose. She also inherited a cute witchy "ehehe" laugh from her interactions with this house.

Religion was never her strength nor focus in life, but it's never too late to start! Clipped into her footwear is a dangling icon, a tall glass of wine with pearls floating inside, representing Alobal Lorfiril, a Seldarine deity of magic and revelry. References to deities didn't end there, though they were rather subtle. Only the most perceptive and knowledgeable people will note symbolism dedicated to Alathrien Druanna, shown by the occasional telling glyph in her clothing which honors this minor Elven goddess of runes and conjuration magic.

Overall, she seems to ride the highs and lows that her unpredictable magic brings, her will entwined with the very tentacles that she is meant to control.

Character is closed to sex, this F-list is for Eva's wife..

Red: Rape, slavery, mind control, permanent death, corruption, victim characters. Generally this means it's a waste of time to interact with Eva as a rapist, slaver or victim. I prefer to play with barbies and have a wholesome positive time because I'm a dumb girl who never grew up.
Player:Nevan Guitar
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human