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 Auburn hair, bright hazel eyes and rosy cheeks frame a pair of purple, painted lips - greeting any onlooker with a coy smile. Aside from a "piss-poor" vocabulary and an accent thicker than pea soup, the redhead was pleasant company in polite circumstances... And an absolute terror when no authoritative figure was there to keep her in check.

 The former "slumrat" traveled light at first glance, with little in the way of actual armor. Light and scantily clad in soft fabrics and leather straps, each tenderized and scented... far removed from the stiffened and boiled leather comprising many typical sets of armor. Decorated in adornments ranging from ribbons and flowers, to hats, belts, and an oddly decorative set of shoulder-pads. Upon closer inspection, one might swear they could see them swaying like thin reeds in the wind.

 Beneath a layer of belt pouches... and a bound tome, a brace of pistols, a crescent hand axe of some sort, and a collection of frivolities and concessions adorning her person. One might expect her to jingle, or even rattle, were it not for an unseen aura of magical  silence - muting footsteps and voices alike in close proximity if the redhead remained focused. Whatever was not covered by the odd mix of attire and adornments, was displayed without a care.

 The "slumrat" was still lithe and wiry, years of running and near-scurrying through alleyways keeping her slim compared to most women her age. The past year and months following her departure from the city saw some curvature return to her figure, the redhead seemingly delighted in no longer dealing with the array of typical bodily injuries one sustains from living on the streets.

 A pair of ample breasts swayed with each step, the redhead making the odd point of covering her chest up almost entirely. Under the weaponry and literature lining her waist, a simple pair of silken undergarments was all that stood in the way of the wider world.. and a mound hidden beneath a layer of pubic hair as fiery and thick as the hair on her head. Rounding out her ensemble was a pair of simple heels, clicking and clacking should the redhead have a mind to emit any noise... or to give herself away with a near constant stream of scented cigarette smoke.

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 F-list down below, updated 5/2/2024

As a side note - the player is far, far nicer than the character and is very tell friendly! This character is meant for darker, wilder themes in ERP, and is interested in Slaaneshi themed cult activity (and generally evil witchcraft and wizardry) when it comes to non-ERP... Stop by her cottage in the Morold Woods to hear the good word!
Player:Marienburg Wench
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human