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[Spot: Effortless] This soft-spoken, auburn-haired half-elf has not escaped your attention, whether she is silently observing her surroundings or quietly conversing. She appears to be in her mid to late thirties - the touch of elven in her features are misleading, however, and her disheveled appearance and icy expression do not make her look any younger.

[Survival: Easy] Her patchwork collection of leathers, chain and cloth show signs of repeated repair, as well as the telltale wear-and-tear of frequent use. Between the scuff marks, earthen colours and various travel pockets, a life spent on the roads or in the wilds is plainly obvious. If she is accustomed to or at home in city life, she chooses not to show it in her dress, instead garbed as though travelling.

[Appraise: Moderate] She wears a bare minimum of makeup, though her hair appears well-kept, brushed and without split ends. She bears no obvious items of monetary value, as all visible belongings are well-worn or tarnished. The only visible piece of jewelry is a small silver pendant of a hawk, dangling as a wrist bracelet on her left gauntlet. The craftsmanship is not impressive and the worth of the pendant is questionable.

[Heal: Challenging] This woman bears the hallmarks of long-term sleep deprivation around her eyes, and the slight trace of a limp in her gait implies an injury to her left leg. Faded scars may be visible along her thighs and arms, and patient observers may notice a constricted range of motion in her left bicep, almost never extending her elbow away from her body.

[Discipline: Very difficult] She carries a large scabbard - too large for a longsword - in plain sight, looped to her belt hip, though after a few moments you realize this is not her only armament. The lay of the fabrics suggest a hidden dagger carefully concealed within her outfit.

She appears to have a subtle, but distinct, awareness of her surroundings, and her body language almost suggests paranoia.

Characters who wish to examine her using [Scent], [Detection Magic], appropriate [Lore: Specialization] skills, [Divination Magic] or other means are welcome to send a tell.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf