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The woman is quite easy to look at, rather short for a human, yet still possessing the soft fullness the race is known for.  Appearing to be in her twenties, still holding on to the naieve hopefulness of youth, an almost omnipresent smile playing about her full, cadmium red lips.  

Her oval face is all milk an cream, just kissed with the lightness of roses.  The features are soft and delicately formed. A dainty nose, which is a petite button upon her face.  Eyes of a startling lavender, flecked with bits of silver, as if a night sky just after the sun has set, are framed with long, ebony lashes.

Framing her face is fire, in ever unruly waves, it shimmers in light and dark hues of crimson, blood and burning gold.  Her diminutive waist is followed before and after by the distinct curves of a woman, her hips fill out any dress she wears to it's best effect, while her breasts overfill her blouse, and leaving a deep 'V' of cleavage between the well rounded bosom.

She has a nearly cloying scent of lilies mixed with cherry blossoms, also with a soft undertone of soap.

{If caught without her clothing she has what is typical to be expected from a young, slim woman with ample curves.  What is unexpected is a large brand upon her posterior.  The left half of it is in the shape of a large circular flower, possibly a daisy.  The other half is horribly marred, as if the brand was interrupted  when being  applied.  There are three initials with it, two that are legible, T J and possible K.}
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human