Annette Araborys

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Young, but with a fire burning in her amber eyes, Annette seems to be, judging by outward appearance, touched by something other than human. Her skin is pale, an almost bluish-gray, with pale, silvery hair, and atop her head, a small pair of horns, besides. The horns nestled between those locks seem almost .. ground down, as if by deliberate action either willing, or otherwise, and thus, are not sharp. Her eyes are the color of amber; of fresh sap from the forest trees, like liquid pooled into a circular container, the center of which is a black pupil. Those golden orbs search with an inquisitive intensity, searching, observing, and scanning everything about her, with the air of one accustomed to uncovering that which is desired to be hidden.

Her ears are pointed, in a less graceful or refined way than might be found among the fair folk -- the elves. Instead, Annette's ears have an almost ragged unevenness to them, crooked, and ending in an almost sharp point, saved from discomfort by the soft cartilage of the ear itself. Her physical form is slender, and wiry. Her chest is perhaps a size below average, but otherwise, she appears as a slender human by shape. Her face, to those attracted maybe to the strange, or uncommon, is not unpleasant to gaze upon.

Her clothing is, perhaps in deliberate contrast to her almost monochromatic appearance, almost without fail filled with variety of colors. The cloth is simple, but sturdy; the fabric placing this woman squarely out of luxury, but far from poverty. Her occupation, one might guess, judging by the large tome at her waist, is that of scholar, or mage. This, along with the quill stored along the binding, and the swirl of arcane energy those attuned to such might sense, gives credence to that belief.


Investigative RP, sharing stories, unusual creatures, adventure.

Rape, scat, and multi-boxing.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf