Vierelle Lot'hlaine

** Recent events have made this character extremely hostile and she made respond with violence - If you do not like that kind of RP then I suggest you avoid her **
Obvious changes when her skin is shown is that she seems to be going through a stage of metamorphosis. Her skin seemed to be covered with what looks like dark broken glass as if a mirror had exploded from inside out and broken through her skin. At a closer look the shards are actually scales and seem to absorb light making them dull.

While in close proximity of the elf, darker thoughts seem to become stronger.

Name: Vi'ellen'relle Lot'hlaine
Race: Moon elf
Height: 5'2"
Eyes: Hazel with flecks of gold

Obvious features:
Three spikes through her right ear, A jade set stud in her nose.

She also has distinguishing oriental snake tattoos that twist like vines up her muscular legs and arms. Anyone with animal knowledge would recognize them as Vipers. Around her waist are two serpents raised and facing each other in an attack stance. She also has a small scorpion tattooed on her neck bellow her left ear.

She wears dark make-up to highlight her eyes and her hair seems to always look like it's wet.

Around her neck hands a jade snake recognizable to someone familiar with Kozakuran clans.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf