Eva The Black

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Race: Half-Elf
Profession: Arcanist (Sorc+Wiz)
Specialty: Conjuration, Wild Magic
Weight: A little chubby!

This youthful beauty is a little bit off her rocker, but there's always a chance that she'll be worth the hassle. Eva's hands toy with dark arcane forces beyond her understanding, often accompanied by a thick dark tentacle that winds and coils around her feminine form. She may have a pretty little pussy between the legs, except for the times when she doesn't.

Overall, she seems to ride the highs and lows that her unpredictable magic brings, her will entwined with the very tentacles that she is meant to control.

Fav: Footplay. RP leading to ERP. Personality. Slow. Pretty Makeup. Pretty Looking Girls!
Green: Girls. Dickgirls. Girlyboys. Vanilla. Not-So-Vanilla. Tentacles. Socializing. Making Friends. Voyeurism with IC/OOC Consent.
Red: Men-men. Rape. Guilt. Rushing ERP. Voyeurism w/o IC/OOC Consent.

I'm really disappointed to discover that people prefer to consistently insult, demean, mock and confront others who are just trying to have their fun. I would very much like to play in a harmonious community. Don't use other people as a stepladder to feed your own ego.

Also this.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human