Kar'un Yth Riyreph

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Stronger than ever before, a true boss fight in many ways. Kar'un Yth Riyreph is the image of a fiend who devoured countless souls, and happily adds to her collection of eternal slaves when able.

Kar'un Yth Riyreph
Aligned: Lawful Evil
Height: 5ft6

Strength: High
Dexterity: High
Constitution: Very High
Intelligence: Average
Wisdom: High
Charisma: Very High

Equipped with:
- Enchanted rings, sash, boots
She is very well equipped to say the least.

- Sathiel (staff)
Named after the first half-celestial soul it absorbed, this magical staff represents absolute tyranny and domination, enslaving the souls of the recent dead. Its destruction would mean the release of many a victim.

Special abilities:
- Darkvision
- True Seeing
- Resist Acid, Cold 10
- Fire Immune
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human