Eva An Flanaess

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Race: Half-Elf
Profession: Arcanist (Sorc+Wiz)
Specialty: Conjuration, Wild Magic
Weight: A little chubby!

This youthful beauty is a little bit off her rocker, but there's always a chance that she'll be worth the hassle. Eva's hands toy with dark arcane forces beyond her understanding, often accompanied by a thick dark tentacle that winds and coils around her feminine form.

Occasionally, the chubby thing may drift from black to blonde, her tentacles changing in hues to match. It's really, really fun to be an arcanist because all that sort of stuff is easy to do. More importantly however, is the earring that represents her loyalty to a cause or family. Engraved upon it is a faintly luminescent pattern resembling a burning rose.

Overall, she seems to ride the highs and lows that her unpredictable magic brings, her will entwined with the very tentacles that she is meant to control.

Character is generally closed to sex, with very specific exceptions indeed. But for reference..

Red: Rape, slavery, mind control, permanent death, corruption, victim characters. Generally this means it's a waste of time to interact with Eva as a rapist, slaver, victim or corrupter.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human