Kasira Venvyre

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This woman is clearly Elven, with milk pale skin and a pair of deep grey-green eyes that give immediate lie to her otherwise apparent youth. She wears her lilac hair tied up in an intricate style, woven through with braids and capped with a small ponytail, secured in place by a tie decorated with bronze.

Her facial features are all angles, with high, prominent cheekbones. It can give her a severe look, particularly when frowning or otherwise displeased. When she smiles, she fairly shimmers with all the effortless beauty of her kin. She is often lightly made up, a touch of colour on her lips and around her eyes. More permanent markings are tattooed to the side of either eye, stylised wings inked in white that are near-invisible on her fair complexion.

Her physique is lean and lissome, moving easily on her feet. When walking or at ease, she carries herself with the stately grace of a lifetime courtier, and would look well at home in palacial environs. When driven to action, she employs the brutal, efficient violence of a trained killer.

Kasira's wardrobe includes a deep wealth of jewellery. Ear piercings, rings, bangles and brooches adorn her, in a variety of styles and designs that speak to wide travel, or a penchant for receiving extravagent gifts. The exact pieces vary from day to day, besides one that remains ever present - a silver necklace, with the design of a teardrop and a broken arrow enameled upon it.

Rape, gore, scat, monstrous races.

General RP, storytelling, characters. Open to sexual stuff, but Kasira can be picky about her playmates.

Currently looking for retainers, servants and other noble attendants, enquire within.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf