Dyna Ma

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Dyna of the Ma tribe, has traveled far to the lands of Sinfar.  The last child of five, and the only daughter to a family of merchants, she was all but ignored as her family spent days and nights pursuing their trades.  The only skills she acquired and also showed interest in was the harvesting of the rare night roses.  Her family was one of the few that passed the ancient knowledge down on the secrets of harvesting and eternal preservation of the blooms.  As she grew she spent most of her time with her childhood friend Braelin and her elder brother Caerilyn, a member of the kings guard.  Dyna learned to fight with his kama at a young age and spent many hours practicing with him.  

Upon her year of acceptance she overheard her father telling discussing her future as a merchant and marrying her off to another merchant tribe to help his standings.  Hating the very idea of being a merchant and craving a life with weapons in her hands, something she would never know as women were forbidden in the kings guard, she too a small pack and left in the dead of night, never looking back.

Weeks passed and she came to the shores of Sinfar.  Alone and lost and nearly starved she had to find her way in a strange land.  Little did she know her salvation would come in the form of her very own Soul.  

Fighting for survival and a scrap of food in the sewers beneath the city Dyna fell under a mass of giant rats.  Not quite dead she found herself ethereal in the underworld not dead but not exactly alive.  Fear ripping her insides apart ready to give herself to her doom, a voice spoke through the dread.  Another soul trapped at the same moment, impossible!  It reached for her, and when it touched Dyna's form their souls became one.  

Dyna woke in the city confused and alive.  She knew one thing, a drive to get to the other half of her soul.  She could feel its warmth from across the world.  Nothing would impede her, not hunger, not enemies, she traveled across several islands until she found her.

Her Soul.

For the first time since she ran from home, Dyna knew everything would be alright, she had found her home, and her place, it was with her Soul.

She had never believed in destiny until that moment.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf