Dyna Maelstrom Sardath

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Dyna of the Ma tribe, has traveled far to the lands of Sinfar.  The fifth child of six, and the first daughter to a family of merchants, she was all but ignored as her family spent days and nights pursuing their trades.  The only skills she acquired and also showed interest in was the harvesting of the rare night roses.  Her family was one of the few that passed the ancient knowledge down on the secrets of harvesting and eternal preservation of the blooms.  As she grew she spent most of her time with her childhood friend Braelin and her elder brother Caerilyn, a member of the kings guard.  Dyna learned to fight with his kama at a young age and spent many hours practicing with him.  

Not long after she turned 44 her youngest sibling Vanya was born.  She was a great joy to Dyna.  She guarded over her as a true big sister.  As Vanya grew they were very close.

Upon her year of acceptance she overheard her father discussing her future as a merchant and marrying her off to another merchant tribe to help his standings.  Hating the very idea of being a merchant and craving a life with weapons in her hands, something she would never know as women were forbidden in the kings guard, she took a small pack and left in the dead of night, never looking back.  It was an easy decision except for one thing, Vanya.  It broke her heart to leave her sister behind.  She misses her greatly but buries it deep with in.

Weeks passed and she came to the shores of Sinfar.  Alone and lost and nearly starved she had to find her way in a strange land.  Little did she know her salvation would come in the form of her very own Soul.  

Fighting for survival and a scrap of food in the sewers beneath the city Dyna fell under a mass of giant rats.  Not quite dead she found herself ethereal in the underworld not dead but not exactly alive.  Fear ripping her insides apart ready to give herself to her doom, a voice spoke through the dread.  Another soul trapped at the same moment, impossible!  It reached for her, and when it touched Dyna's form their souls became one.  

Dyna woke in the city confused and alive.  She knew one thing, a drive to get to the other half of her soul.  She could feel its warmth from across the world.  Nothing would impede her, not hunger, not enemies, she traveled across several islands until she found her.

Her Soul.

For the first time since she ran from home, Dyna knew everything would be alright, she had found her home, and her place, it was with her Soul.

She had never believed in destiny until that moment.

After many weeks with her soulmate, she knew she had found her peace, her happiness.  Relaxing one evening with her Soul she whispered the question, " Will you marry me?" , only to be met will screams of excitement and affirmation.  

Soon a wedding will be held in Sinfar binding these two forever...

What Dyna didn't know is that Sarina would introduce her to an old friend, Kate, who would become so much apart of their lives.  Becoming fast friends the three were inseparable until one fateful day things escalated while Sarina was away.  Kate revealed her deep desire to become Dyna's submissive pet.  Terrified of losing their friend, and not knowing much of that life, Dyna accepted her, and collared her.

Now 2 have become bound as 3 in an unusual relationship forged in love.  Two halves of one Soul and one fiery Heart shared between them.  May the gods help any who dare cause them strife...

Now on a path of the domme,  All would be quiet until Dyna met Felicia.  Her focus, bringing balance to her life.  Not a pet but another equal.  Committed to her in every way.  Now four women she has sworn her heart to and loves with fierce passion.  A private ceremony weds Dyna and Sarina, and she offers the same to Felicia.  Kate sworn to a life of submission, wants only to submit to her mistress, though loving her deeply.  

Tefi, with her unique gift, has given Dyna twin daughters, Pandora and Mara.  Now Dyna has a full home, and a family she adores.

Fate can truly be fickle, and Tefi was lost to Dyna.  But while she was losing her, Felicia was giving her a third daughter, Terra.  And not long after this a romantic evening with a beloved pet Princess left Dyna with child for the last time.

Personality ::

Dyna is a kind and gentle soul.  She loves life and her family more than anything.  She has been known to "play" with others from time to time however she is very reluctant and cautious when picking those special individuals, and always with her mates approval.  

As a member of the Rex Amazons she was attacked on her way to a meeting by slavers.  A deep axe wound in her left side nearly killed her but she managed to kill 3 of her attackers and drive off the remaining 2.  Crawling to the meeting she sounded the alarm alerting te amazons to the invasion of slavers.

She is currently designing a donut shop for dungeon explorers and hopes to locate it near the dungeon entrances.

Lights ::

Reds ::  Rape( NEVER ) , if it belongs in a bathroom leave it there.  No violence, she really doesn't care for blood in her pleasure.  Leave kids at home with mom and aunt Gertrude.  Manly men.

Yellow :: women with a little something extra below the belt.  Transwomen definitely depends on the rp.

Green :: most anything else.  Intimacy for certain.  She does not do one night stands for kicks.  Even those she plays with must be someone special to her.  Recently discovered her domme side.  So definitely prefers slightly submissive personalities, though not required.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf