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  "You either die a hero,
   or live long enough to
  see yourself become the villain.."

 :: Basics ::

 Name: Flint Bramblethorn
 Aliases: "Face", Unseelie King, Hollow Lord
 Age: Elder
 Species: Satyr, Archfey (Corrupted)
 Sex: Cactus*
 Gender: Male
 Height: 5'8
 Weight: 175 Pounds
 Build: Slim and strong
 Class(es): Thief/Shadow Mage
 Occupation: Criminal / Adventurer
 Fighting Style: "Shadowed Murder"
 Weapon(s): Dagger/Magic
 Orientation: N/A
 Role: N/A
 Origin: Faerun, Underdark (Feydark)

  :: Description ::

This dark creature, stood at a more or less unassuming height of 5'8. He seemed elven from the head down, sun-kissed skin that seemed to have soft splatters of pale skin in blotches, as if something drained the life from some parts, this pale-splatter seeming more concentrated around his left arm, his face seemed to be always kept hidden with a seemingly ordinary mask, Framed with full head of shoulder length black hair, tuffed and streaked with red highlights.

From the waist down, however. His body changed into that of some sort of cloven-hoofed beast, with thick black hair that ended in similarly streaks of red hair around his hooves. Flint was a Satyr, that much was clear, with some differences being, the black, shadowy hair that could almost be considered an Omen of sorts, the odd red streaks. And the occational flicker of transparent black shadowy 'flames' that ember off the creature.

There was little in the way of clothing, some chains held the two shoulder pauldrons, and connected to a chain necklace around his neck, his chest was bare, showing off  a slight of frame, but muscled figure. And a Loincloth and strings held together in some.. vague sense of 'decency', though it would probably not be easy to make out any form beneath the shaggy black hair. The loincloth does however offer a vague.. imprint of a decently sizable package, anything else would be left up to the imagination.

*Be it a product of corruption, or natural to him, Face has a lovely Seven and a half inch tall 'Cactus',  Essentially, it is covered in many soft 'spikes' which are more like, pronunced studs, remincent of a organic studded dildo (Send tells for more detail, if you're curious, happy to answer and explain~!)

   ::Abilities & Traits::

::Charmed Speech::
You are proficient in the Persuasion skill

::Drain Aura::
Face is capable (or rather, Cursed) of draining energy off of all living things in order to keep himself 'stable'. This Draining is refined, and is not normally life-threatening, sensitive individuals might feel just slightly less energetic, or their magic slightly weaker. This is always active, within a one foot radius around him.

::Cursed Body::
Face has been cursed, Face is incapable of being in close proximity of nature; e.g Natural Forests, Trees, Grass, Wilds generally. Should Face step or become incontact with nature, his 'corruption' is made visible, His skin becomes ashen grey, horns look cracked, and his furred body looks smokey and vaguely 'mirage-like'. This appearance can also be viewed by, Fey with the 'Sight'. and viewed under True Seeing magic.

The user is able to move through solid objects and ignore most physical effects in their way. Face does this by use of his half-shade form at will, making physical contact by corporeal beings, almost impossible.
[Represented By: Self-Conceal V]

::Vague Telepathy::
The power to mentally receive and/or transmit information.

+ Common
+ Undercommon [Un]
+ Sylvan [Syl]
+ Elven [E]
+ Drow [Xan]
+ Thieves' cant [Tc]

   ::Shadow Taint::
Face is now a creature of shadow, for his innate magic comes from the Shadowfell itself. He was exposed to its fell energy and transformed by it. The power of shadow magic casts a strange pall over his physical presence. The spark of life that sustains living creatures is muffled, as if it struggles to remain viable against the dark energy that imbues his soul.

   ::Taint Quirk*::

Face's heart beats once per minute. This event sometimes surprises him, resulting in a 'hiccup'-like gesture. As a result of his slow heart, he barely bleeds, even when badly injured.

*Due to his condition, Face bares similarites with undead. And while he partially qualify as undead, he is not a true undead, he still lives. Just in a very limited capacity, Sharing abilites with a Lich, with a body similar to that of a Vampire, however none of the usual vampiric weaknesses.

   ::Background Lore::

(This is Lore about Face, anyone could freely know any of this, or not. And anyone could make up their own evil 'boogeyman' story about Face in their culture; Tell Friendly if any Questions)
+ To the Drow, He is called, 'L'Zirnra Olath'. a Supposed Drow 'Boogeyman' and story told to children to not show fear and weakness, or else they will displease Lolth and the L'Zirnra Olath will come to eat take their souls into the deepest dark.
+ To Orcs, the stories are that He is some Cursed Aspect of Shargaas, or the Stalker Below himself, who comes to take unhonorable Orcs to the underworld and fuel his undead, robbed of an Afterlife.
+ Most Cultures and Humans, have some odd myth or outlandish story about 'Face'. Most are just vaguely true about his appearance enough, anyone could vaguely tie Face to the Legends. Seelie and Unseelie know some semblance of the True Story, Face was once a Honored Seelie Satyr, but commited some foul act, and was forever cast out.

((Note: If visible on Player List, feel free to find, as Face ICly will wander absently to any and everywhere he's able.))
Whites: Flirting, Adventures (Casual or Not), 'Accidental'-ERP (the good'ol Oops, I slipped in/on), Exploring, Teasing.
Greens: Romance, Stories and plots, Horror, The Supernatural, Strange and Mysterious beings, Groping, Foreplay, Cuddling, stalking (Spying), Voyerism (to others),  magic,  beastiality, Flirting, Many more.
Yellow: Heavy BDSM, Any long term/permanent things (Relationships, wounds, scars, ect.)
Reds: Hard/soft Vore, Scat, Vomiting, Watersports, Ballbusting, Tells for Arranging ERP/RP (Consider it a Turn Off, Prefer IC interactions, unless I know the player from past interactions), RAPE!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human