Celaclya E'lei'reir

Name: Celaclya E'lei'reir
Name she answers too: Red
Race: elf
height 5'3
Eye color: blue
Hair:   Red

Celaclya is a young adult  that during her youth  there was a tragic accident that happen and since then she has not spoken a word. After the accident  she  ran away and lived in the wilds for most of  the rest of her childhood living in the form of a wolf.When  her home was cleared away to  build a city she moved on  and wandered till she found her way to sinfar where she wandered  alone

Since coming to  Sinfar  she  wandered the forest and followed a few to a place where she kinda fell asleep and ended up staying only to be found by Mercy in her  dire wolf form. Mercy  gave her a collar and took her in. When inspecting her collar  there is a tag with the name "Red"


Red: Gore,scat, perma death, server rules, Maiming
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf