Sszdia Valkoris

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No tells.

The moon has always been
The ocean's most jealous lover.
But every time he has tried
to fully control her tides,
she has turned into
a terrible tempest
and broken through his chains
with such fury,
only allowing him
the illusion of control
on her smallest, weakest tides.

Woman, you are the ocean.
An no one, not even the moon itself
is allowed to control
your glorious, beautiful tides.


Race: Pure Siren
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Lifespan: Immortal - Her expectation is that one day she will die. She doesn't believe in immortality.

Height: 5'
Weight: 110 lbs
Build: Petite
Skin Color: Olive
Eye Color: Green

-A blue diamond ring is on her left ring finger, now paired with a wedding band.
-Alternate form
-Worships Eadro
-Enchanting song
-Dark-vision / low light
-Disguise self
-Heightened sense of smell

//In terms of lights: Sszdia is only interested in having ERP with her Husband.

// ┬ębarracuda.2018

//My concept behind Sszdia:

(Not fully edited!)

"The origin of a Siren is a mystery. Legends tell of the union of a woman and a long-lost sea god; the spirits of women fallen at sea, incarnated by their hatred, their voices cursed with the eldritch wonder of the never-ending ocean. The truth behind these legends are somewhat hard to discern, as few scholars have had the chance to interact with them, and fewer still have survived those encounters." -

One fact that is completely unknown are the stories of those born of the Siren. Little is known of the victim, if they survive; and what challenges they face in what remains of their cursed lives. All are significantly changed after having been charmed, raped and tortured by a Siren. Furthermore, nothing is known of the children born of these violent pairings, and of the lives they live. If -they- are to survive, there are many questions as to how they do so without the aid of civilization. The Siren are rumored to be lonesome creatures and to value nothing in life but themselves. It is questionable if any Siren, in part or whole, can survive without some kind of outside influence. It's simply unfeasible to grow up, alone.

For those young that are recovered in the civilized world, most do not last more than mere moments after discovery. An amalgamation of Siren and humanoid can be truly horrifying, even in infant form. Those that are spared such, will live the rest of their lives attempting to avoid it but this is nothing that any other half-breed has not had to endure. As orphans, Siren are deprived of that most important connection - to their Mother and to the sea; but most of all, they begin their lives with one absolute certainty. Every moment of their lives will be a challenge. And so it was.

The siring victim, a jaluk called Szordrin from Ust Natha, were taken from deck in the Trackless Sea, in the dead night of night. The water were calm, the crew were in a lull and when the lookout made the call, it were already too late. To his benefit, the Siren that had charmed him from the safety of his ship, were being hunted herself.

Lailise were a perfect specimen, a Queen among her kind. She possessed an intrinsic beauty, a cunning wit, and an affinity to socialization that were unknown among her race. The night in question found her at the bow of the ship moments after Szordrin were abducted and she watched as he were pulled beneath the surface of that tranquil sea. Lailise saved the young Ilythiiri from his demise, but what she did to him were much worse.

Sszdia were born in a cove, off the coast of Tethyr, near the city of Zazesspur. Leagues away from the under city of her Father's birth, but close to her Mother's kingdom. Left in a bed of moss, among the dunes, the babe were cursed with the her Father's flesh, her mothers rage and the curse of immortality.

Legend tells of the Siren being able to transform herself into other creatures. Her natural, or favored form, is a mixture of a humanoid and a sea creature, particularly one with fins, a tail, gills, and sharp teeth. This is the typical representation recalled from her victims, and the physical form used for paintings and literature in the many planes of the Multiverse.

When a Siren has taken to land, she will often take the form of a humanoid. While they are extraordinarily beautiful, they will assume the form of anything from a human to a goblin dependent upon their location. In this form, her power is subdued, but far more potent then in any other form. This is truly her most deadly form out of the sea.

Furthermore, Sirens can also transform into smaller, or medium sized creatures for extended periods of time. In these lesser forms, her power is lost; and her abilities are stifled. They are also held to the physical limitations associated with the size of their form as well as the abilities allowed it.

The final shape that Sirens can assume is that of a larger creature akin to the size of a small dragon. A long thin body, with two sets of limbs as well as gills, jagged teeth and a powerful tail. This shape can be taken for very short amounts of time with the price of leaving the Siren exhausted after returning to her normal form. When the draconic shape no longer suited the Siren, she abandoned the pursuit of such and sought to attain an appearance that held a connection with her Father's culture. An so she chose the Black Widow.

Sszdia has reunited long ago with her Mother's kin, but not her Mother specifically, who resides on Faerun. The time she spent with these Siren enabled her to learn more about herself, her race and how to harness the innate abilities she was not even aware that she had. During this journey of discovery, she learned to transform herself, her body and find her place on Sinfar.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human