Gender: Shemale

Update: Camille now carries a small, minutely shaped geometrical cube of steel about her neck inplace of the pendant she had worn previously.

Camille has a dignified but warm and friendly air to her, carrying herself with a rather regal bearing. Standing tall and strongly built, she can make an enticing figure for the right eye with her dark skin and those attentive accornbrown eyes of hers.
Her unorthodox gender is a constant challenge for her that she typically tries to downplay and dismiss, being a point of frustration for her in her image as a knight. She still doesn't typically find it proper for her to wear a dress or skirt on everyday occasions, leading to her most often having to endure the pronounced presence of her hefty endownment bulging against her pants of choise.

Camille is one trying to foster good relations and to aid others to her capcity, wether in or outside of armour.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human