Harvan Shen

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Name: Harun el Pesarkhal
Alias: Harvan Shen
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Orientation: Debatable
Age: late 20's - early 30's
Occupation: Currently working as a bartender, bouncer, general handy man for the Greathearth Tavern

General Appearance:

'Harvan', as he is most apt to introduce himself, is a tall svelte looking fellow. Despite his slender appeaarance there is no denying the tight compact muscle hidden beneath the once rich fabrics he tends towards.

His angular features and warmly tanned skin accompanied by the darkness of his hair easily peg him as a Calimshite to those familiar with the place. Though set with in the sockets of his eyes are two saphire blue pools that often glint with a touch of mirth, as if he is in on some inner joke no one else understands.

While his features are accented with piercings of gold, his most noteworthy feature is the well kept beard he boasts. Carefully groomed along the line of his jaw it thickens and hangs down his chest from his chin and is most often held in a tight neatly wound braid. He clearly takes great pride in the raven facial hair, keeping it neatly trimmed and clean at all times.

His attire speaks of a man who perhaps once knew a great deal of wealth though the coin was long ago spent or squandered and now all that remains are faded and worn silks and leathers.

General demeaner:

Harvan tends to be soft spoken and friendly most times. Content to chit chat and share conversation with those who might approach. His voice is deep and rich in tone, soothing upon the ear and at the same time seeming to have something of a regal undertone. He is clearly well educated, though still bears some of the accent of his home land and tongue.

Despite all this ..or perhaps because of this one may get the sense he is not being entirely truthful with where he says he is from or who he was before coming to the strange land that is Sinfar. But what he hides is anyones guess.

OOC Stuff:

~Portrait is merely to give a general picture of him. Obviously his hair and facial hair have changed since he went into hiding.

There is a chance some one familiar with Calimshan and the el Pesarkhal family -might- recognize him so if this might be the case feel free to send a tell :)

I don't like to gimp potentially good rp with a lot of no's so my only hard reds are Scat and anything against Server Rules.

Permanent things I do prefer to have discussed first and permanent death is ...sort of an rp killer so will be very unlikely to happen save for the most dire of situations.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Elf