Sister Cassiah

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A tall motherly babe. She looks around her forty years old - having that MILF feeling upon her face. Blue eyes, golden hair, plush pillowy pink lips, her skin feels immaculate, if not slightly golden, looking so warm and welcoming. Her perfume is a flagrance of some religious incense.
Even if most of it is kinda entrapped within her nun's uniform, a tight black and white dress that squeezes and mold her delicious curves. That hourglass body would be even more drooly if she was wearing a totally bimbo bikini, those large saggy udders are totally pushed up and framed on her chest, as the rest of her dress just jails the flesh of her arse leaving the fabric to hang down from it. Even if her curves are quite large, she does hang between chubby and fit giving quite the statuesque shape for a human.
A bulge appears on her crotch, showing that obvious she's stuffed in a Sinifar way and proportionnate to her height. An holy garment rests at the base of her crotch, a golden cockring choking out that uncut meat and pushing off her pelvis her saggy shaved balls. Under that sack is hidden a pair of pink folds, puffy and as welcoming as that little backdoor squeezed between her more than handful buttcheeks.

Church's adress : Saban's Bazaar - house 43

Green : All Genders, Boobjob, Receiving, Giving, Cuddles, Rough, Sloppy, Religious theme, Corruption, Cleansing
Yellow : Furries
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human