Svanhylde Mer-Breaker

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Name: Svanhylde Mer-Breaker
Race: Nord
Apparent Gender: Female
Native World: Mundus (Nirn)
Apparent Age: Young adult.
Height: 6 feet 0 inches/ 1.84 meters
Weight: 160 lbs./ 73 kg
Eyes: Deep blue.
Hair: Platinum blonde.
Scent: Lavender.
Bust: Large and swollen enough to encompass more than a hand.
Body: Muscular, toned, noticeably top-heavy.
Skin: Light of colour and soft to the touch. No visible signs of damage, be it inflicted by steel or sunlight.
Interests: The Arcane, elves, social ascension, girls, history, artefacts of symbolic or magical interest, and a multitude of very nefarious things that shall be left unmentioned.

Physical Traits
Mundus was an all too peculiar place. A world once filled with many a kind of being that had their time to thrive, most were little more than myth and legend now, with the odd exception to be found in the Khajiit to the South and the Tiger and Monkey people in the East. With so few of the known world's wondrous specimens left, the presence of the surviving races must be evaluated down to the individual instead of as one great collective in hopes of finding any shred of uniqueness. There were many definitions of what it truly meant to be outstanding, with each person asked bearing a far different opinion than that of another more often than not.

Many a soul considered such a brand to fit the blonde haired Nord like a glove upon one's hand, for the shine of her hair stood almost akin to platinum when beneath scrutiny of the Sun. Yet, even absent it, the odds of one such as her retaining the favour of would-be evaluators remained great. Indeed, the warrioress stood six feet tall absent any form of footwear, a height more than capable enough of towering above the vast majority of Nord dames around her.

With distinctively angular features and just the right amount of prominence about the cheekbones, one could identify her as a specimen from one of the northernmost regions of the world, with a decisive focus on the upper walks of life. Pale her skin was, no different from the rest of her kind, yet the signs of aggression did not mark her in the slightest, maintaining an air of immaculate purity few others could match. The retention of such perfection was almost as if  the woman herself had yet to see true combat to test that which she was made of.

Broad, proudly held shoulders graced her physique as the outcome of a combination of both genetics and effort, her overall appearance that of a muscular, strong build, with barely any presence of obvious pockets of bodily fat. This in turn caused the totality of her flesh to stand out with vivid chiseling detail, well-shaped and well defined, with an all too visible, slightly veiny abdominal wall. Despite her athletic build being far more on the heavy side than most, the warrior still kept her damely assets very much intact, a fact supported by the two orbs that sprouted from her very chest, the swells in question lush and round, perhaps grand enough to fill almost the entirety of a hand's palm. Much the same could be said about the woman's backside, her hips naturally flared outward as if to provide as much of a posterior as it was possible. The abundant swells of her rear stood more flesh than padding, all the more emphasized by just how taut and hitched upward that it was, making it just that much easier to fill any pants the pale skinned woman found herself in.

Nothing noteworthy as of yet.

She bears no such additions.


Out of Character & Traffic Lights
Green: I am, in general, fine with most things. I prefer taking the moments as I see them and get them rather than presenting grounds for a selection from which to choose. Some of the things I enjoy may not actually match Svanhylde's In Character likes, and as such, I will react appropriately.

Rule of thumb: When in doubt, ask.

Yellows: People who randomly and consistently ditch out of ERP without warning. I will mark you and become increasingly less interested in intimate scenarios with you until I deny them outright. The nondescript. The situational moment of watersports. Dub Con. Rape.

Reds: Child-like concepts of any shape, size or race. Animals. Scat. Gratuitous violence completely void of context during erotic.

The player behind Svanhylde is tell friendly and acceptant of Out of Character arrangements if the offer is undeniably interesting, provided the offering party accepts things may not take place as planned the very instant the ball is first rolled In Character.

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human