Shyrin Lighthammer

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The being before you is a bit unusual in apearance.  Her features seem to be mostly halfling in nature, however hints of tiefling can be seen in her face., but only slightly.  On her head however rests 2 curved horns.  She is a tiny wisp of a woman but packs a powerful will to protect those that can not stand for themselvess.  Her mother, a priest among the halflings, was bred by a powerful tiefling warlord.  The child torn by the mixed blood died as it was born.  In her grief Shyrin's mother begged her Goddess to help her newborn child.  Her prayers were answered, and the the Goddess blessed the child with the spirit of and an angel whose body was destroyed in battle.  Though not a true angel, Shyrin is strong of spirit and indominate of will.
She believes is helping all others and will risk her own life to save those in need.  When her emotions run hot or strong se has a tendency to almost glow with an inner glow of strength.  

Physical description :
Eyes : Golden
Hair : Yellow Gold
Height : 4'
Appearance : mostly Halfling except her horns
Orientation : she loves everyone, but intimacy             is restricted to women.

She is a romantic at heart and hopes to one day have what her mother never did.  She does not believe in casuel relationships.  She hopes for a meaningfull relationship with someone who can respect and love her for who and what she is..  Someone who wishes to share in her thirst ofr adventure and desire to explore te world and fight in the dark reachs of Sinfar.

OOC :  

Not interested in city dwelller only rp,  Looking for a mix of non adventure and adventure rp.  She will rp with folks in town but is not interested in relationship with someone who is not sharing her interests.  
Player:Goth Fairy
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Half-Elf