Charlotte Morsys

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Name: Charlotte "Lottie" Marie Morsys
Race: Tanuki (Bakedanuki) / Elven
Sex: Female
Hair: Deep Red with black accents
Eyes: Blue
Leaf: Yes! That is a leaf in her hair
Height: 4'9"
Skin: Light olive skin tone with a warm undertone. Clear complexion.
Build: Curvy with wide hips
Bust: 30 DD
Age: 22
Tail: Very bushy with dark rings (looks nothing like a fox's tail)
Orientation: Panromatic demisexual
Piercings: Silver ring on her left nostril. Sky blue stud on her tongue. Jeweled link hanging from her naval.
Disposition: Switch (Dominant leaning)
Aspects: Fire and Illusion/Trickery

Notable Changes:

She has a pentagram with a letter 'T' marked over her left hand.


On her left hand, there is now a small dull golden coloured ring adorned around her finger. The setting of the ring does not have any sort of jewel, however. Instead, it would be molded to rise up in the shape of a flame. This flame was covered in what seemed to be the dust of a ruby. It was typically red, but that intensity seemed to vary, and not always due to the angle of the light shining on it.

Charlotte is a curvy woman. No longer the slender tanuki woman as when she first arrived on the isles, it's clear to anyone who sees her now that she has been living a fairly good life.

The first feature that most would notice is her bushy, striped tail that hangs from just above her backside. The next one might be her red ears that pop out at the top of her head. Those features give her the appearance of a raccoon. And if questioned, she won't deny it either, but she may correct it. Sometimes, within her hair, a keen eye would be able to spot a leaf embedded within.

Other features of note on her face would be her small nose and slightly slanted eyes. She appears to have Kara-Turan blood in her, but it's clear that she's of mixed origins.

While typically favoring darker colors, she dresses in a variety of different fashions, usually dependent upon her mood or surroundings. Her hair is currently shoulder length and usually straight. Other than a bit of eyeliner and maybe some lipstick, she does not wear much in terms of makeup. However, a keen eye would spot that her skin was much more glowy than in the past. This gives her a youthful radiance that she tends to shine upon everyone around her. Recently, she's also been sporting a healthy tan.

When around friends, a smile is usually upon her face as she looks to them with adoration. However, she'll tend to stay quiet unless addressed by another.

Her voice is a bit high-pitched, a product of her small size as well as her youth. When she speaks, her words are usually fast and typically in run-on sentences, especially when she's enthusiastic about the current topic.

Anyone standing close to her would feel an intense warmth radiating from her body. Some may even find it uncomfortable to hold her, especially for prolonged periods of time. Up close, one would find that she smells subtly of cinnamon.

When alone, she can be often found reading, even at night. She's no longer squinting as she reads, since she's frequently wearing her large blue glasses whenever necessary.

Normally, her tail isn't moving much independently of her body. When walking, there's a noticeable sway, but this is more due to the natural sway of her hips. Her tail and ears will react to her mood or expression, and if one pays enough attention to her tail, you can gauge her relative mood.

Sometimes, depending on her outfit, she usually has a belt lined with magic bags. One of them, if seen closely, would appear to be a medical bag, containing a few different supplies. More recently, were she wearing a belt to accommodate it, a flask can be seen hanging from her belt with kanji upon the middle reading vertically: hi no mizu.

Physically, she's a little awkward. She is somewhat bottom heavy. Her average thighs swell pleasantly into the ample curves of her generous rear. If one can look past the bushy tail that is usually obscuring the view, they would see that her rear jiggled with each step, especially when she walks with a sway to her hips. Her hips themselves were wide and would then she would thin out somewhat at her waist.

Kin no oppai

She is busty and will usually dress to accentuate her curves. When wearing any outfits that do not include a bra her heavy breasts will bounce and sway with each step she takes. Even when restrained, little can be done to stop the subtle jiggling that accompanies almost every motion of her body. Her breasts, while not the largest, look almost excessive on her small body. They also did appear to sag slightly on her body. Whenever she wore something that revealed her cleavage, faint stretch marks could be noticed unless her top was helping to prop up her breasts.

Sometimes, she can be seen making her hats appear or disappear in her hand and on her head in a plume of smoke. Those versed in the arcane could clearly see that she was not using any sort of arcane magic to achieve this. Rather, it seemed to be something inherent in her nature, and something she is still learning to harness herself.

***Special Abilities***

Spell Shaping - She can modify the shape of the area of effect for evocation magic.

Spell Overchanneling: She can increase the potency or intensity of spells at the risk of bodily harm to herself.

Shapechanging: As a young bake-danuki, she is still learning to harness this ability.

Fire Attuned: She has an affinity to fire and is learning to manipulate by means of natural magic. It is also the reason that her body is always abnormally hot.

Enhanced Sense of Smell: Being a tanuki, her sense of smell is really bordering on superhuman. However, she doesn't always rely on her nose due to being overwhelmed from the scents she picks up.


Reds: Rape, scat, watersports, dismemberment, extreme torture, cervical penetration.

OOC Notes:

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((Portrait and Bio updated 09/05/2022))
Player:The Best Floof
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf