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Name: Brakha
Race: Mountain Orc
Age 20 Seasons
Sex: Male

Brakha came out of the mountains, surrounding Graknok Holde when he caught the scent of blood, food and ales.
He speaks fluent Mountain Orcish, however much of the Common Tongue and common Orcish eludes him. He is illiterate and uneducated and wild.. even by Orcish standards. He strode into the Holde and when confronted by some goblin sentries, he promptly ripped their heads off and then began skulking around the Orc's Stronghold with none knowing he was there for some time...

Green: anything pertaining to Feeding, Fighting, and Fucking. (includes but not restricted as: Male, Female, Herm, Trap, Shemale, plus any others... Brakha is Dominant unless he can be overpowered by other means (through dice rolls/RP/pvp with intent to subdue). Unless he is somehow tamed, he is wild, savage and uncontrolled and even then, it is unlikely he can ever be "housebroken"...
Red: Anything not covered by the above.
Player:Baldurs Gape
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Half-Elf