Zara Zanai

Name: Zara Zanai
Age: 18-19
Sexuality: Straight
Eyes: Green
Hair Color: Black
Size: Petite
Role: Submissive

This young woman's body is magically attuned making her every Breeder's dream. She's able to carry multiple fetuses and has been offering her 'services' to the men of Sinfar. She'll carry any man's child no matter how vile or cruel he may be.

(OOC NOTE: If you would like to impregnate her, LMK! If your character breeds her expect sex to be an ongoing occurrence. One and dones with breeding are not my thing. Zara herself will return for more as she is a clinger :o)

Green/Whites: Binary Men (most if not all races), Breeding/cream pies, Rape, Anal, Spitting, tongue kissing,Muscular men, muscle worship, MUSCLES IN GENERAL, SIZE DIFFERENCE, Awkward small-talk, male attention, Taken advantage of, fumbling/realism, getting hurt, being submissive, Missionary, doggy, alleyways, gagging, dirty talk, cum inflation, Using dice/rolling, quickies. And if your character decides to force her, do not hold back.

Yellow: Gang bang, branding,
romance, being gifted, after-sex moments. Watersports (ASK!!)

Red: Other females, shemales, smaller men, very large groups, public acts, and taking up the Dominant role, vore, death, anything against server rules

~Thank you to Forge for helping me with her appearance~
Player:Thalia DuVal
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human