Zara Zanai

Name: Zara Zanai
Age: 18
Sexuality: Straight
Eyes: Green
Hair Color: Black
Size: Petite
Role: Submissive

(constantly either pregnant or fertile, her clients are often rough enough to cause her to miscarriage but after a few more 'sessions' becomes fertile again for ERP sake)

NOTE: This Char is a Probationary Submissive for the Gilded Shackle and will require payment for her services. Speak to her IC or in OOC msgs to discuss terms

OOC ERP Notes: Please message me or approach Zara if you'd like to ERP(I'm and she are both very shy >.<).
If you want to be rough with her she'll charge a larger amount VS if you're a gentle and reoccurring client. However if you make it enjoyable for her, anything goes.

Green: Breeding, sex, rape, anal, oral, pain, being submissive, muscle worship and showoffs, spit, kissing, (just ask if you're not sure) violence (to an extent), cucking, Masochism/Sadism(she's a masochist) quickies and Bondage.

Yellow: Gang bang, branding,
romance, being gifted, after-sex moments

Red: Other females, smaller men, very large groups, public acts, and Taking up the Dominant role, vore, death, scat anything against server rules
Do not try altering her appearance at all

~Thank you to Forge for helping me with her appearance~
Player:Thalia Du'Val
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human