Zara Zanai

Name: Zara Zanai
Age: 18
Sexuality: Straight
Eyes: Green
Hair Color: Black
Size: Petite
Role: Submissive

(OOC NOTE: She is a trial escort for 'Infernal Pleasures' her fee is around 1 million (negotiable within reason ^-^ ))

Through Extensive desire, trauma, and magical abilities Zara has "perfected" her body. She has altered her womb extensively, allowing her to carry numerous fetuses.

(OOC Note on breeding: If you would like to impregnate her message me VIA tells or ask her IC, for money and attention she will do almost anything. If you would like to Forcefully impregnate her, let me know. Usually I would have her character have a casual or infatuated relationship with those who impregnate her. But on the basis of forceful insemination a mere glance across the street every once and awhile or taunting comments as she passes by will be fine)

Green: Binary males (mostly any race), Breeding, sex, rape, anal, oral, pain, being submissive, muscle worship and showoffs, quickies spit, kissing, (just ask if you're not sure) violence (to an extent), cucking, Masochism/Sadism(she's a masochist) quickies, bondage, and Realism (fumbling, awkward talk/ laughter /silence, eye contact)

Yellow: Gang bang, branding,
romance, being gifted, after-sex moments

Red: Other females, shemales, smaller men, very large groups, public acts, and Taking up the Dominant role, vore, death, scat anything against server rules
Do not try altering her appearance at all
If you try to avoid paying in an obvious way or are rude/dismissive about payment then please find your ERP somewhere else

~Thank you to Forge for helping me with her appearance~
Player:Thalia Du'Val
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human