Telemnus Argrives

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Updated on: 5/14/2019

By now, a well-established presence in Sinfar, Telemnus Argrives can often be seen moving through the city streets with focus and direction.  Though he's quick with a smile or a friendly wave.  On occasion, he can be caught out lounging with a book in hand or perhaps napping under an awning, though these activities are more rare.  

The first thing you may have heard about Telemnus, is that he's a polymath.  A dedicated arcanist, all things magic interest him.  He'll often be caught perking his ears up at the first signs of a magical discussion.  He also exhibits significant religious scholarship, and has been seen praying and giving offerings, at various holy places all over Sinfar.  In addition, he's a talented engineer, of both mechanical and electronic constructs.  Often blending his skill sets together, to produce wondrous and insane creations alike.

Rumors abound that he is both a dedicated laboratory scientist and a frequent field explorer.  If seemingly wandering the streets unshaven and bleary-eyed, he's likely just come off a 30 hour run of straight lab work.  He can also just as easily be seen stepping off of Rodrick's boat, having come back from some archeology, cartography, or other field expedition.

He runs a consulting business out of House #1 in the Gate Ward, and leverages his skills to help the various denizens of Sinfar with their own adventures.  He's said to have done everything from Demonic Summoning and Expulsion, to war-counseling and strategic planning.  His portal skills are significant, he speaks over a dozen languages, and he does not seem to discriminate by client.  He has been seen comfortably scribing a scroll in the Sinifer Library and just as comfortably sitting on the floor of a Radatoga space hanger, rewiring a power converter.  Though where and how he obtained all these varied skills, remains unknown.

Other rumors you may have heard about Telemnus:
He's a capable field leader and battle mage.
He's incompetent in a fight and as likely to shoot himself as anyone else.
He's in a dedicated relationship with a fearsome pirate queen.
He's a slut who will screw anything that approaches and is receptive.
He's a devout cleric of some god of light or darkness.
He's a complete pervo who studies Eromancy and other less reputable arts.

What you see:

Telemnus is 6'2, though he is not particularly buff.  Long, straight black hair, with just a hint of blue and indigo teased through it, frame a square jaw that is usually set in a warm, playful smile.  His eyes are dark pools set between a near perfect nose.  They shine with curiosity and a near constant inquisitiveness.  A small scar runs down from his left temple to his cheek, but the thin line could be mistaken for a simple crease or wrinkle, from a distance.  

His face is usually clean-shaven, and up close the smell of earthy sandalwood or the ocean wind, would fill the nostrils.  Caught shirt-less or otherwise bereft of clothing, lean muscle, and a runner's body would be evident.  Hairless below the neck and skin a pale shade, the product of too much time in the lab, most likely.  Whether Telemnus works at making his body look this way or just got lucky and has good genes, he doesn't say.

His clothing is washed and well-kept.  He seems to prefer long coats and things with many pockets.  The very perceptive might notice at times his clothing has the air of someone who uses magic too much to clean, as opposed to more old-fashioned methods.

Almost too many to list.  RP is FIRST and foremost.  Telemnus will react to almost any situation or scenario.  Other likes include:
Dirty Talk
Magic in RP
Magic in ERP
Filthy Talk
Mind Control
Mind Control and Drugs
Filthy, filthy, talk
Sci-Fi in RP
Sci-Fi in ERP
Telemnus is a switch and will react to the RP in most situations, though leans dominant.
Telling me what you want.  Seriously, send a tell or make what you want known.  It's shockingly hot.

Non-Consensual - while good RP can mute this somewhat, player is very reluctant to engage.  Hinting in Tells or nudging helps, but may break the nature of the RP for some.
Players who will be shitty to me/others and then look around and say, "Oh, it's just RP."

//Player is VERY tell friendly.  Don't hesitate.  Looking for an arcanist or priest to roleplay a scene or apprentice with?  Send a tell.  RP or ERP, player is open to all scenarios.
Gender (Visually):Male
Race (Visually): Human