Circe Lexetira

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Race: Moon Elf
Age: 218
Height: 5'5
Build: Atrophied, Weak, 'Average'
Profession: Baker, Doctor
Alignment: Good. Actually so, unlike most of the plane's Triadists and Selunites who claim to be.

A clearly elven woman, though she doesn't carry herself much like one at all. She seems worn and weary, made tired by her experiences in life.

The elf seems aesthetically defined by an odd mix of masculine and feminine - seeming to prefer predominantly masculine-coded clothing, slacks, vests, suits, long coats and the like that certainly don't do her figure any favors. While the manner of dress changes on occasion, it's consistently punctuated by a busted up, old holy symbol of Ilmater made from brass and hung by a red cord, and a pair of slight eyeglasses adorning her face.

This holy symbol, peculiarly enough, never seems to leave her neck unless she herself removes it, regardless of probability, and has been known to stay in place during such things as absurd acrobatic feats, or ill-fated excursions to other worlds.

It doesn't appear to be magical in the traditional sense.

Tan, sun-kissed skin and bright green eyes seem particularly out of place where her genetics are concerned, calling into question if she's a proper 'Moon Elf' from Faerun or not. Or perhaps it's simply an odd mutation, or some hereditary foible she inherited that's affected her hues.

Even so, she's typically adorned with light, tasteful makeup, carefully applied around the many unfortunate scars she seems to have, rather than used to cover them up, for whatever reason.

Her hair is fanciful - a thick, long, and strikingly well-maintained mane of pale blonde hair, intricately braided and tended, clearly not the sort of work accomplished without quite a bit of practice.

The aforementioned scars are perhaps one of the more striking features, for better or worse. Her face alone is a mess, with jagged marks running along her cheek to her nose, and one particularly gruesome cut down her left eye - deep and severe enough that she shouldn't have vision in it.

Those marks continue along the rest of her body; all manner of cuts, burns, puncture marks, and the like. A particularly unusual mark is along the outside of her left arm, leading up to her shoulder - a rather severe burn, enough so that any sleeveless outfit would leave it easily noticeable. Curiously, the burn ends abruptly, almost violently at her elbow, where it simply stops clean, as though she were wearing a glove to cover it all.

The blonde speaks in a rather dull voice, her tone rarely rising or dropping, and her pronunciation is far from what someone might expect from one of "The People"; were she in armor with a helm, one could easily mistake her for a human.

In spite of clear and obvious short-comings, she seems to possess a certain contentment about her, as if at peace with her place in life. Though surely that wasn't always the case.

On occasion, she seems far more attentive than her awkward attitude might suggest. Or maybe that's just a trick of the light?

Red: Anything non-consensual, slavery, mind control, permanent death, corruption, bathroom stuff. Elves named after colors. Kitsune. Demons. Alu-Fiends. Gnolls. Minotaur, especially ones who worship Tempus. Furries, particularly the ones who live in the slums. Characters that list "No Lights" under lights. Players who refuse to put lights because they think they should be 'discovered during RP', that's not how the system works. Characters with "Dark Themes" in their greens, fuck off with your misery porn bullshit. People who list "Consequences" under green, we all know you just want an excuse for your grimdark power fantasy bullshit. 'Victim' characters. If the character is made from the ground up for only bad shit to happen to them I'm not going to bother investing myself.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf