Jane Davies


-The short version-
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Eyes: Purple colored contact lenses
Hair: Blonde with a shocking pink highlight
Skin: Pale lightly freckled
Height: About 5'
Weight: Just shy of 100lbs
Build: Athletic
Bust: Average C

-The longer version-
She notices you ogling her and she decides to ogle back.

Jane's voice is low with a little crackle to it and slightly underpronounced, disguising some of her passion which only becomes evident in her actions. She's aware of it, finding misunderstanding a little bit funny. But she acts offended and embarrassed by being mistaken for a boy.

Her body is lithe and athletic but not for lack of feminine curve, sporting respectable muscle-tone and a variety of piercings on her ears, and tattoos around her biceps. Even beneath all the unruly piercings her face is beautiful and strikingly feminine. She wears her hair messy and brightly dyed, wearing her outgoing personality on her sleeve.

Jane is an openly sexual being, always looking for something fun and new. And fun to her is what's dangerous and exotic. Whether she's in the sheets or in some far-flung monster-infested cave, she's always looking to push her limits and risk herself doing it.

Despite the showy swagger, Jane generally knows her limits. She just likes to go beyond them anyway and drag others down with her. So feel free to hit her up for some bloody adventure, or some other messy fun.


I'm not good at builds in NWN, but this character is designed to go out and fight mobs. I'll usually be open for that sort of thing if you want to seek me out.


R=Recieving G=Giving

Orientation: Lesbian+

(Lights are mine, Jane's preferences may vary)

Reds: [Server rules], [scat], [rimming], [pee], [gore]

Yellows: [Anal], [vanilla]

Greens: [Women], [Hermaphrodites], [Shemales], [Men], [Being approached], [Demons and Devils], [Animalistic features], [Multiple partners], [R/G Bashful approaches], [R/G Messy sex], [Exotic skin and hair colours], [Exotic races], [R/G Being dominant or being dominated but mostly being dominated], [R/G Being restrained], [Equals or switches]

Whites: [R Turned into a boy], [R Forced to conform and change her punky style],  [R Non-con/Dub-con], [R Being put in embarrassing situations], [R Cruel partners (doesn't mean sleazy)], [R Growth/Inflation], [R Bad endings],
[R Having her "assets" stolen], [R Getting her sexual preferences pushed/changed], [R Mind control/change], [R Identity death], [R Getting tricked into transforming or corrupting herself], [R/G Corruption], [R/G Body modification], [R/G Inanimate transformation], [R/G Embarrassing transformation], [R Turned into a robot or a doll], [R/G Gender play], [R Dominant Drow sexism], [R/G Crazy sci-fi situations], [R/G Bimbo-fication and the opposite], [R Being ruined], [R/G Consequences]
(Any of the character changes under "Whites" can be temporary or permanent. The more wicked and well-roleplayed the better)

Tell friendly :)
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human