Tefi Angelf

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Tefi Real Form:
Race: Human
Eyes: Green
Hair: Orange
Skin: White & Pink
Sex: Female / only extra on very special occasions
Body: Athletic & Sexy
Clothes: Sports Style Clothes
Age: ?
Role: Any

Tefi Alternative Form:
Race: Catfolk
Eyes: Red
Hair: Red
Skin: Pale gray
Sex: Female / only extra on very special occasions
Body: Athletic Small & Sexy
Clothes: Sports Style Clothes
Age: ?
Role: Any

Note: Tefi using the form of the daughter of Yersale Angelf. One of angelf family.


Tefi is a simple young woman, who enjoys life, the best she can, although she can always be lazy and vague.

She is not racist, she respects all races, she is not afraid of what is different, she is a positive person, who prefers to meet with people positive who are, to have a relationship with a high vibration.

Physically she is sexy and athletic, her mastery of the technique to 2 swords "demon blade" makes her a dangerous person, if you want to hurt her.


[White]: women or futanari likes be dominated or I'm submissive, your decision, ahegao, her fantasy is the drow.

[green] the dildos, the seduction, Femboys, through the ass, through the mouth, cum out of the body, mouth, ahegao face, breasts etc ...

[yellow]  Normal meh men, very special occasions and pregnance

[Red] permanent death, mutilation, excessive physical damage, animals, vomiting, pooping and public  slave or sex

UPDATE: 15/11//2019

Her song the being normal, most of the time:




Her happy song:



Her sad song:



Her battle song:


Her naughty sex song:


Native: Spanish. But I can write slowly English.

Any questions, please ask me. Thanks for reading me. ^,..,^
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human