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Race: Sun Elf
Gender: Female
Sex: Female
Class: Wizard/Archmage/Hedonist
Family: Amanai (Sister)

'The secret Tower within the Tower is the shape of the only name of God, I.'

A positively ancient sun elven woman with a thick, fluffy frame that is absolutely uncharacteristic of The Fair Folk.

The cane in her hand suggests either trouble walking, or some command of the arcane. Even a quick glance would show she doesn't actually use the cane for walking, so it must be a magical implement of some kind.

The woman's skin is dusky and tanned, though not quite the golden hues of her people. Then again, neither is her frame, so unusual compared to the willowy normal of the elves. She seems to be Sun Elven, but who can say? Is she even from Faerun? Maybe she's one of those wizards who likes to mess around with how she looks?

Regardless, she's clearly a wizard, and a fairly skilled one, though she hardly acts it, caring more about revelry and entertainment and, in her own words, 'having a heck of a good time'.

This powerful wizard acts more like an arrogant party girl rather than the scholar or sage most would expect from an archmage, though that could be said of basically any magician on the plane of Sinfar.

She doesn't seem to carry any sort of holy symbol, though when pressed, she seems to pay homage to the various gods of joy and freedom, be they Alobal, Lliira, or even Bacchus!

The woman seems remarkably spry for her size and profession as well, and seems to radiate some odd, ritualistic magic. Anyone sufficiently skilled in magecraft might recognize the studs in her head as being part of a meditative process and ritual meant to strengthen the body.

As for her eyes? Who knows! Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's magecraft.

Red: Rape, slavery, mind control, permanent death, corruption, bathroom stuff, kitsune. Characters that list "No Lights" under lights.

Player is not tell friendly.
Player:Ars Arcanum
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human