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Mostly WYSIWYG, because of changes.

A tall thick female frame, walking with determination, confidence. Wearing extra red make-up highlighting those feminine assets, wearing clothes jailing chubby thick curves that bounce and wiggle on each steps, breaths, or moves of that ebony figure.
Her outfit being far too small sized for her frame and build, giving her that camel toe on her pillowy crotch, molding heart shaped nipples on that too tight cleavage.
Ruby studs on the lower corner of her lips. A grin usually birth on this mouth as she watch peoples with interest, those jade eyes gleaming with a sparkle of mischief.
Vibes of arcanes can be felt around her. A  strong tobacco/weed stench follows her, eyes got those red lines and voice clearly sounds high most of the time.

Lights : See Sanghren char.
Tell Friendly.

---> Curse Play <---

This character applies a curse on her sexual partners, after the act.
That implies to have a forced RP with a temporary body/mind modification.
The "Curse" has a limited duration. The first time you'll have sex with this witch it will last one day. The more you come back, the more it last, up to a week or possibly permanent. (Mostly if you like it.)
The modification is purely random on a D100, there's safe spots within the roll so it's mostly a gamble to have fun.
Oh shapeshift abilities won't work, no point otherwise.
Lifting Curse works, for a minute, then the curse comes back. You can RPly lift the curse through bargain with Magda, like accomplishing a quest.
Don't expect me to ERP with you if you're not ready to roll that dice and roleplay it.
That also means that I'll roleplay any consequences or modifications as well, I'm open to tells to talk about that ! ;) Usually I let three rolls and to choose between them.

Ask me if you want a more serious/weird/kinky list of changes, or get one specific to your char, it's doable.

---> D100 Curse list <---

1. Gender Swap.
2. Scent grows more strong & musky.
3. Erogenous part grows somewhere wrong. (Eyes, Shoulders, Knee, Elbow, Belly, Back..)
4. You grow more bulky, lose some breasts/butt size.
5. You grow more fatty, gain some breasts/butt size.
6. Constant drooling.
7. You cry more easily
8. Construct looks attractive for you, let's go Bender.
9. Men looks attractive for you, you got that.
10. Women looks attractive for you, you got that.
11. Monsters looks attractive for you, you got that.
12. Undeads looks attractive for you, you got that.
13. Animals looks attractive for you, poor seagulls.
14. You grow Animals Features
15. Your sexual fluids grows addictive
16. Have piercings on sexual features
17. You grow ooze.
18. Your sexual features shrinks. (Cock, Balls, Ass, Breasts, Lips)
19. Your sexual features grows.
20. Constant Arousing.
21. You grow more fat, chubby.
22. You grow more thin, skinny.
23. You feel the urge to keep talking out loud.
24. You don't wanna talk, whisper at best.
25. Grow a/another cock.
26. Grow some nether.
27. Your pucker is constantly gaped, no sitting and walk weirdly.
28. Your insides grows tighter than ever, normal & big size will hurt at first.
29. Go back to virgin.
30. You grow wetter (Cum, drool, love juices, sweat, tears..)
31. You grow drier
32. Your mouth become as sensitive as nether.
33. Gain lips size.
34. Lose lips size.
35. Grow fatter/stiffen nipples
36. Gain milking teats.
37. Holes reversal. Grinding the pucker will grind nether instead. (Mouth for males/shemales)
38. Become blind.
39. Become deaf.
40. Grow a tail.
41. Change sexual fluids color
42. Can't stop blushing at someone you wanna bang.
43. Grow studs on genitals
44. Grow skewers on genitals
45. Grow spikes on genitals
46. Humiliation arouses you
47. Grow a knot in your cock/additionnal cervix
48. Change skin color.
49. Get more androgenous
50. Have permanent make-up (Lips, Nails, Eyeslids.)
51. One of your limbs goes into stone
52. Grow an equine shaft.
53. Orgasms are denied (Can't climax just being on the edge at best)
54. Orgasms are ruined (Genitals grows numb on climax)
55. Grow wings.
56. Gain global size.
57. Lose global size.
58. Can't get aroused.
59. Gain Tourette's syndrome. (Unintentional insults.)
60. Exchange of sensations. (Male feels female pleasure, female feels male pleasure.)
61. Extra sexual sensitivity. (Tease can lead to climax.)
62. Lesser sexual sensitivity.  (Need rougher/extra subtle plays to get aroused/to climax)
63. Change hair color
64. Grow tendrils.
65. Gain a longer tongue
66. D20 Hex roll.
66. Change Eye color
67. One of your limb is "removable"
68. Bear/Lay eggs.
69. Nothing, what did you expect ?
70. Lose any genitals.
71. Gain tentacles.
72. Become mute.
73. Become clumsy.
74. Grow more hot
75. Gain an eye.
76. Gain a pheromone perfume.
77. Pick any effect you want.
78. Grow a prostate. (Bigger one for males/shemales.)
79. Permanent drunk
80. Permanent relax/high
81. Permanent hallucinations (Good ones.)
82. Permanent bad trip.
83. Gain an imaginary friend.
84. A dead relative haunts you.
85. Grow Hair. (Hair, Beard, Pubic)
86. Become bald.
87. Can't talk without hissing.
88. You stutter.
89. Orgasms makes you faint.
90. Can't get hard/wet
91. Only subtle plays can make you climax.
92. Only rough plays can make you climax.
93. Intense pain on climax
94. Innately feels everything you do to your partner
95. You can't take stairs.
96. Blood repulse you.
97. Orgasms gross you out.
98. Grow unfertile
99. You suddenly grow submissive when someone gropes you.
100. Reroll two times. Two curses.

---> D20 Hex list <---
1. Change into a Wolfkin
2. Change into a Minotaur
3. Change into a Lizardman
4. Change into a Yuan-ti/Lamia
5. Change into an Angel/Fallen one
6. Change into a Fiend
7. Change into an Ooze
8. Change into a Goblin
9. Change into an Orc
10. Change into a Catling
11. Change into an Undead
12. Change into a Kitsune
13. Change into an Halfing
14. Change into a Mindflayer
15. Change into a Wolf/Dog
16. Change into a Cat
17. Change into an Horse
18. Change into a Centaur
19. Change into an Harpy
20. Change into a Pixie
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human