- W.I.P. -

Name: Camilla
Sex: Appears Female, (Shemale)
Age: Appears Early 20s
Height: 5'6
Race: Human / Imperial (Modern Roman)

* Important notice, Camilla is an attempt at a Hardcore character. Meaning all RP is character developing and will incorporate other Hardcore/Important Characters as the time arises. Example being if Camilla is killed by another HC Character she is dead, however can be revived by a cleric or magic means.

Redish Brown hair, hanging over her deep sun tanned skin. Face is narrow with a slightly larger than 'normal' nose. Little in the line of make up except occasionally on her lips a slight gloss. Deep brown eyes to match.
Her body is toned for combat as she trains literally every single day. Breasts are a lovely CC cup. Abs not as toned as the modern female body builder but has a core just as strong (not quite a pack). Without a single mark or scar across her body, either good at what she does or knows how to get in and out of an encounter without catching a blow.
Her legs are 'thin' but build and can flex to show quite the muscle. Sun kissed from head to toe. Without much of a tan line from years of exposure to the sun. Her accent can be thick at times especially in the heat of the moment.

Her lights are simple, she is a shemale looking to fuck and procreate. Anything natural that makes sense will fly with me as a player. Her tastes may differ.

[Imperial I.D.]
Name: Camilla Deshaune
Age: 24
Ethnicity: Roma Imperial
Sex: Female
Occupation: Imperial Legionnaire
Citizenship: Land Holder, Natural Born
Marital Status: Single
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human