Zaora Tirnegesh-Sardath

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First off; I'm a Critter. (if you know what that means, send me a hug in tell)

1) The essentials (for those who crave only the bare necessities)
2) Lights
3) A few notes
4) Bio (for those who want a read)

(1) --- The essentials ---
Disposition: Dominatrix (if you couldn't tell by her dresscode)
Race: apparently human...?
Gender: 200% powerwoman (bisexual)
Height: Roughly 6.4"ft
Build: Athletic with feminine curves.
Eyecolor: Red (glowing at times)
Aura: Dark. (evil & dominant people might feel attracted to her.)

(2) --- Lights ---
* Domination (always the woman on top)
* Being worshipped (not just body/ sexual)
* Bondage and usual BDSM stuff
* Humiliation, degradation, "cuckolding", public disgrace.
* Rape
* Making you dependant on her (to an extent)
* Men, women, shemales, sissy-/ toy-/fembois.
* "Innocent/ naive" characters (doesn't extend to total bimbo characters though)
* Non-ERP. both casual and epic.

Yellow lights:
* Hot vampires. (other forms of Necrophilia is red)
* Hermaphrodites (for some reason)
* Watersports (occasionaly, as part of degradation)

Red lights:
* Server rule violations and OOC-drama.
* Playing the submissive part.
* Scat, vomit and excessive gore.
* Bestiality/ zoophilia and very animal like characters.
* Extreme bodypart sizes.
* Pedophilia
* Endless Erp (gets tiresome)
* Trolling-, immersion breaking-, over the top silly characters and roleplay
* Romance (relationships), impregnation etc.

~ If you're unsure about something, just ask. I won't bite.....too hard  *winks*

(3) --- Important notes ---
1) About RP-PvP I prefer to resolve situations with unmodified d20's, to keep things 100% fair.

2) God-/ powergaming
There are actual RP reasons why I don't roleplay Zaora strictly according to her stats. But...
    2) * Be you domme or sub I will
     always ask if you allow something to
     happen, and will respect your reply.

    * I will always respect your lights

    * I won't do any outright crazy
       ridicilous shit.

3) Villainy: Zaora is a villainess. She can be cruel, arrogant, judgmental, rude, patronizing and vindictive.
Please keep in mind it is her, not me.

(4) ---Bio---
* What you see: Standing at 6.4ft Zaora is as tall as most human men.
Quite an atlethic body to boot with muscles more bulky than defined and there is enough body fat all over to maintain her feminine curves.
It is somewhat difficult to gauge her age; she seem a woman between her prime late 20's but with the maturity of that hot 40's aged MILF you'd be dying to get to know.

Well kept raven black hair adorn her head, cascading down the back and shoulders, kept in check by a varied assortment of  hairpins, diadems, circlets or crowns.

Occasionally her red orbs glow and spark with the focused energy of either arcane or divine power, yet more casualy they carry a cold glimmer of arrogance and disregard that make Zaora seem aloof and distant (perhaps deceptively so).

Her make up is akin to a classy gothic style with darker hues painted on eyelids and the full lips of her mouth, and thicker strokes of black charcoal framing the eyes and filling the eyebrows.

Upon her torso rests a generous bossom. Two lovely orbs of flesh that might bring some to desire the comforts of a mother, albeit a very strict one.

The v-shaped upper body thus ends in a pair of curvy hips whose pleasing, sensual swinging only serve to increase the attractiveness of the lovingly designed buttocks. Truly a delight for the eyes.

A pair of sturdy thighs supported by strong lower legs and feet that more than happily announce her arrival, carry the entirety of Zaora's lovely body.

In terms of clothing Zaora is sparsely equipped with jewelry, but she has spared no expense when it comes to the value of those found around her fingers and neck. These tend to express the vanity of a sorceress of the dark arts.

It is at the end of your observation of her body the inevitable realization hits you; The symmetry, the perfection.
There are no visible blemishes, scars, oddly shaped birthmarks, freckles or moles found anywhere on her perfectly smooth skin. All her measurements are without error, as if Zaora wasn't born, but instead molded from a perfectly cut template.

* What you sense:
Zaora walks with the confident grace of a panthress. A sense of regality surround her and it is evident she consider herself an alpha female.
She is a woman driven by purpose and self-fullfilling motives, constantly measuring everyone around her.
It is blatantly obvious Zaora is a dominatrix, yet there might be more to her than merely a personality that demand attention;

There is something alluringly dark about Zaora. The hint of a sexual predator and an almost irresistable aura empowering vices and perversions.
The arrogance in her eyes are not for show and she seem to constantly coldly calculate how to gain an upper hand.
About her is an unspoken promise of pain, not as part of any paid service, but the genuine desire to inflict it upon beings she consider lesser than herself, which -in her mind- appear to be everyone else.  

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Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human