Zaora Tirnegesh

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I could write up a long bio here, but we all know you won't read all of it, so here is the essentials:
Build: Strong and atlhetic.
Gender: 200% powerwoman
Personality: Dominant (if you couldn't tell by her dresscode)

Green lights:
* Domination and the usual BDSM stuff.
* Humiliation and degradation
* Making you dependant on her (to an extent)
* Men, women, shemales, sissy-/ fembois.
* Roleplay that doesn't necessarily include or lead to sex.

Yellow lights:
* Hot vampires. (other forms of Necrophilia is red)
* Hermaphrodites (for some reason)

Red lights:
* Playing the submissive part.
* Scat, vomit and excessive gore.
* Bestiality/ zoophilia and very animal like characters.
* Extreme bodypart sizes.
* Pedhophilia and very childlishly played small folk.

~ If you're unsure about something, just ask. I won't bite.....too hard  *winks*  ~
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human