Sylina or Syl

Greens: Anything goes really, Syl is a switch at base. Who finds herself more often in a submissive role. However it all depends on RP. I like extended relationships and doing more then just ERP. (As logging in to just do RP all day gets boring quickly) I generally prefer to let the RP go where it leads.

Yellows: Slavery, Bondage, and vanilla. Each of these are yellows because I am more then willing to do them under the right circumstance. For Slavery and Vanilla there needs to be some form of relationship or reasoning behind it. It isn't the sort of thing I'll do on just meeting with a character for the first time. As for Bondage, it is a yellow for me on the submissive end. I'll be honest that I am not creative enough to RP my character un-moving and tied up in all sorts of unique and exciting ways for an extended period of time.

Reds: Child like characters, over-sized body proportions including over sized penetrations. I am willing to make minor exceptions if the person is proportional but breasts the size of boulders on a person who is five feet tall isn't that appealing to me.

Sylina is a Tanar'ri more specifically a succubus of a fairly small stature standing mostly at the height of an elf though due to her ability to shape-shift it does appear that she could easily change it at any time. She just doesn't seem to wish to. The woman's body is that of a dream, with smooth skin without any blemish along with a lovely hourglass figure complete with large perfectly sized breasts which while large don't seem freakishly so. Fitting perfectly to her frame as if crafted to be part of human perfection. She has a pair of horns raising from the top of her head a few inches above her eyebrows which curve behind her like a goat. However they aren't large enough to be unruly and get in the way of any sort of normal activities, nor are they going to end up popping some sort of soccer ball which gets thrown at her. However they would pack a mean headbutt. A tail comes out from just above her rear, long and forked made of the same smooth skin as the rest of her body. From her back is two large wings, both about the length of her entire body and while keeping smooth at the top, the membrane of the wings themselves are leathery much like that of a bat.

Syl can shape-shift into many different forms often that of an assortment of elves, however she keeps her body shape and facial appearance mostly the same making her easily recognizable regardless of what form someone last saw her in. She keeps herself female, however she can switch even if she does it on the extreme rarity.

As for her personality, Syl is a bit of an oddity for a Tanar'ri. While clearly keeping the chaotic personality often switching moods or desires on a person by person basis, she doesn't seem to have that much of a spark to do evil. She doesn't seem to hold any respect for laws of really any sort and prefers to mostly be free to do whatever she wishes whenever she wishes. Good, or evil it doesn't matter to her.  However all of this seeking freedom does give her quiet a curious streak which from time to time does end up getting her into trouble. When she speaks, she speaks with a Sigil accent though she does try to hide it the best she can while avoiding the use of planar slang however occasionally she might slip up, especially when she's in a room with someone who knows the slang themselves.

Finally she always seems to wear a necklace with the symbol of The Society of Sensations on it.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf