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Tera was born to a savage camp of orcs and goblins, with mixed blood and sorcery involved with her even before she was born. Considered a small runt at first, she soon showed ability to grow fast and strong before the others, and while able to assume a shape of a short goblin gal, she was just as often seen walking around as a tall orc amazon.

Her lineage contained changeling blood in it, but it was diluted enough to keep her from inheriting the full abilities of one. Regardless, it did seem to amuse her enough to practice its use somewhat, and in fighting she experimented with trying to imitate, and gain the abilities of some of the others the camp and the tribe sometimes traded with.

In particular, the thought of trollish regeneration appealed to her, for the life in the camp was often rough enough even for the strong. This was a feat she eventually managed to pull off, at least partially. Beneath her muscle there was also a sharp mind, cunning if not necessarily booklearned, and experimentation lead her to find ways to unlock at least limited regenerative talent.

This was also something that confirmed something else for her. While she aged quickly to reach adulthood, she did not seem to age beyond that to grow old and weak at an accelerated rate as well. The little experimentation on regeneration seemed to have actually halted her aging at what she considered more or less an optimal age for herself.

Eventually the campground drew adventurers hoping to make a name for themselves, despite their particular group not being one to engage in excessive raiding and murdering, defending themselves and their area yes but also trading with others without fighting when necessary, lead by a wizened old shaman till then.

With the seemingly unprovoked attack, the remaining members of their burnt camp went to war, while Tera walked away anger in her heart. She knew the others were going to get themselves killed, but she had no intent to attack those who had not been behind the attack. Instead, she tracked down the adventuring party, and attacked in dead of night, slaughtering them to the last member.

With her vengeance sated, she left her homeland behind, and booked a passage on a ship heading out to the sea. Eventually it made port at a strange new land, and she walked ahead to settle down and see what those lands would show her.

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Player:Blood and Bone
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human