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Name: Kimura Nonoka
Race: Some form of Kitsune
Age: Seemingly early twenties
Height: 5' 2" (roughly 1.57m)
Eyes: Forest Green
Fur and hair colors: Largely strawberry blond with soft, orange-brown points and the mane to match.
Disposition: Always sunny


I. Appearance
II. Common Forms
III. Abilities
IV. Lights and Preferences


Seeing no reason to hide what she is in a plane like this, Nonoka wears her fur proudly. She stands at a modest height, perhaps a little shorter than the average female human. Her build is slightly bottom-heavy with a middling bust, flared hips, and the thighs to match. She walks on a pair of small, agile paws beneath digitigrade legs, overshadowed by the enormous, fluffy tail protruding from the base if her spine. Even its mass can't quite overcome the immaculate backside beneath.

Bright green eyes shine out from a backdrop of warm, earthy tones. Much of her fur is the same pale strawberry blond, but the ends of her limbs, her hair, and her ears are all the same brownish ginger color, fading back into the lighter shade as the two clash. Her nose is dark brown in color, matching the pads on her palms, the inside surfaces of her fingers, and the pads on the soles of her paws and her toes. Much of all this can be seen regularly as she doesn't wear very much to cover it, seeming to use clothing only for a token modesty in the public eye.

It is incredibly rare to find her without her staff nearby. It seemed to be carved out of a solid piece of some naturally white hardwood, even the intricate weave of its head, which is hollowed out. Inside, fireflies and fairy lights dance and wave, illuminating the surrounding area with a soft golden glow and a feeling of warmth and comfort that borders on the supernatural. Being in its presence mends minor wounds over time and tends to soothe aches and pains.


Most typically, Nonoka is seen in her natural kitsune form. However, being a druid, she sometimes takes others as the need or desire arises.

The most common of them is a fox with identical markings and the same green eyes, what seems to be another natural form of hers. In this state, she cannot speak the common tongue, but her magic allows for communication, and she perfectly understands spoken language used by others.

Any others are more or less a 'what you see is what you get'. She tends to prefer canid forms, but can freely take just about any non-magical animal form as she pleases.


For a short explanation, Nonoka can do just about anything a druid could normally do, plus a little bit of fey magic. She is multilingual, speaking Common, Undercommon, Sylvan (the fey tongue), and the languages of the elementals. Anything else, she can likely use a spell for.

Wild Shape - Nonoka is able to assume the form of any non-magical animal of large size or smaller at will, and gains the attributes of the corresponding animal.

Beastspeak - In any form, whether naturally through the use of a particular corresponding animal, or with a spell in her humanoid form, Nonoka has the ability to speak or otherwise communicate with, and understand any animal.

Animal Senses - In her humanoid form and all appropriate animal forms, Nonoka has an enhance sense of smell, hearing, and sometimes sight. Likewise, her senses may suffer in forms that would lack them.

Font of Life - Wherever Nonoka walks, life follows. Flowers bloom, trees grow, the grass gets a little greener. Her staff and her magic work together to restore the world around her where they can, typically outside of cities. She is, herself, more fertile as well, and people who spend extended periods of time in her presence may become more fertile themselves.


Nonoka's preferences are fairly balanced. She can fill just about any role, but tends not to operate at or near extremes. She doesn't typically come off as very sexual in most instances, as she doesn't usually ascribe much feeling to the act itself. Despite seeming aloof to the subject on her own terms, she is quite open to it when it is brought up to her, and won't shy away from the topic in most cases - the obvious exception being with unsavory sorts. Generally, she prefers male forms.

Green Lights: Tenderness and romance | Rougher partners (within reason) | Humanoids | Beasts and druid forms | Beastfolk (especially fellow canids) | Size difference | Knots/knotting | Informality/Casualness | Nature scenes | Excessive cumshots/cum inflation | Multiple partners where applicable

Yellow lights: Very close relationships (mates/partners/whatever you'd like to call it) | Excessively rough partners | Excessive size difference (mood dependent) | Dub-con (ask first) | Most things not listed as a red may be negotiable

Red Lights: Underage partners | Bathroom stuff (pee on trees, not the fox!) | Gore | Vore | Rape | Basically the usual - anything unsavory or otherwise very niche

Player:The Foxtrot
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human