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A normal, young adult human on all accounts when it comes to height and obvious features. That is if not taking the dark purple hair* into consideration. The few darker roots hint that it might be dyed. That hairdo is kept in a punk style, with an uneven, longer fringe hanging down to their shoulder length. Upon a quick glance to face height, their androgynous appearance can be noticed as well. The same can be said about their slender body. Normally favoring dresses and covering outfits, but with the right mood, Bastian can be seen wearing something more revealing that might show off the jewel piercing their navel.

Their demeanor is somewhat reserved. Usually maintaining a soft tone of voice and not one to be found talking aloud too often. A strong and attentive gaze keeps watch of the surroundings, most likely out of habit and curiosity. Yet there is something about the youth's eyes that could hint at something hidden or prone to surface under the right circumstances.


Not much to speak of when it comes to red lights, other than the obvious server rules no-noes. I'm not a fan of the filthier bathroom business. Above all, I like characters to react accordingly to the situations. If something hits a red light I will have my character protest or get out of it in RP, but in the case of something jarring I will send a tell.
Player:Frozen Tear
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human