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Last changed December 21/2022

Standing at about five feet eight inches. Upon a quick glance to face height, their androgynous appearance can be easily noticed. The same can be said about their slender body, with a flat chest, unless slightly enhanced by a bra or corset, and not many curves to their firm bottom and slim legs.

Dark hair with a side stroke of purple  frames their head. It's easy to see Bastian's eyes touched up with dark makeup, but not exclusive to that, sometimes a lighter and softer tint may enhance the honey colored eyes. There is a lip piercing decorating the left side of their bottom lip. In addition to that, a stud goes through their brow. Normally favoring dresses and covering outfits, but in the right mood, Bastian can be seen wearing something more revealing that might show off the piercing going through their navel.

Their demeanor is somewhat reserved and shy. Usually maintaining a soft and feminine tone of voice and not one to be found talking aloud too often, depending on the current mood. A strong and attentive gaze keeps watch of the surroundings, most likely out of habit and curiosity. Yet there is something about their eyes that could hint at something hidden or prone to surface under the right circumstances. More may be found out by getting to know them.

Lights and Misc.

Not much to speak of when it comes to red lights, other than I am not a fan of the filthier bathroom business. Pregnancy needs to be discussed too.

Above all, I like characters to react accordingly to the situations. If something hits a yellow/red light I am extremely uncomfortable with, I will have my character protest to get out of it in RP, but in the case of something jarring I will send a tell.

Speaking of which, I'm fine with tells but as long as it's in moderate amount and not trying to mix OOC with IC. I love drama while in character but not interested in anything of the sort out of character.


Thanks if you read this far!

Alternative portrait in the Castlevania/Powerhouse Animation Studio style done by yours truly:

Current portrait also by me:
Player:Frozen Tear
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human