Princess Nefriti 'Jade' Al-Shannah Allaire

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Race: Golem (Animated Doll)
Appearance: WYSIWYG
Orientation: Lesbian* (See bottom!)
Alignment: Strongly: CG, Weakly: CE

Synopsis: A girl's whose soul was trapped in a magical orb, a 'soul cage', and, functional golem core. With a complicated past, three consciousnesses compete to try and make sense, one in control real to herself, fake to reality. Another but a memory for the first that's the truth to reality though fake to itself, known only as stories to the first (inert). And the third, a hitchhiker Nephy unwisely ended up taking along for a ride.

When Nephy relates to other people, she acts like the person they know best. Come what may of the inconsistencies, she isn't lying, so much as thinks the mess is the most honest version of herself.

Doll Facts: All two of Jades dolls are marked with three blue stars on her face (also her arcane symbol).
Artificial Doll
Height: 4'10" (147 cm)
Weight: 45 Pounds (20.4 kg)
-Hollow, and completely maintained by the core. She wears a magical talisman that emulates a living breathing person as a tangible illusion, she breathes, she blushes, she giggles, she even feels warm. When she leaves someplace all these extra traces of her fade however, never real in the first place. The doll beneath is easy to see with true sight, and recognizing it as an illusion is not difficult, as if it were meant entirely for entertainment, rather then to deceive.

Homunculus (Artificial Person)
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
-An artificial creation made by a succubus, to be a possess, it looks the part of one too (though not at all a true demon or anything of the sort). A mostly alchemical creation, it can shapeshift in a semi-permanent fashion (true sight doesn't help), and has special abilities in the form of 'scent', dark vision, and can see ultra-violet. (A worse Envy from Full Metal Alchemist). It can heal, and even 'die' in normal fashion (save for the core/soul remaining) though this is comparatively easy to repair compared to normal death.

Extra stuff:
She stole the "Student of Philosophy" trait from pathfinder, and applies int instead of cha for social skills in conversation.

Jade is presently practicing witchcraft, with the help of an animal spirit. Well usually she defaults  to DND/pathfinder, this does not. She uses sympathetic magic/borrowed magic to accomplish things IE: magical reagents, or having a spirit gather magic for her. Having little of her own; consider her a savant in terms of knowing what to do for such, but a novice in everything else. Functionally she is very similar to a pathfinder witch but more free form. With little power of her own and trying to just be clever with what she's got. Feel free to have your magic/witch/witch hunter based characters notice her! Its far more fun that way.

Well Jade usually keeps to DND things, I don't mind shifting to play things world of darkness style, CJ Carella's witchcraft style, or pretty much anything else, I might however need a minute to come up with stats/handle inconsistencies.

Reds: Anything that violates server rules, unavoidable rape (if she can get out of it reasonably, that much is fine), being used or using others as a toilet. Stay away from her asshole.
Yellow: Being ordered to have sex with another character, lack of roleplay... To play things out I usually need some degree of interaction, not having a biography and walking up expecting sex is a double no go. (Although the attempt doesn't actually bother me)
Green: Most things!

Character Themes/Kinks/Inspirations: Teasing, tricks, ironic fates, body&mind inconsistencies/mismatch, training, tangible good and evil, magic fun, introversion (she loves to talk about herself). Ghost in the Shell. Yennifer (Witcher)

*Nephy likes it when men want her; she's a compulsive tease. 'Look but don't touch', 'A fantasy never to be reality'. The idea anyone is thinking about her nearly regardless of who, when they entertain themselves is practically euphoric.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf