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Jade is a collection of dolls inhabited by a ghost. In life she was a priestess of Tymora, brought to heel by a demon after a cursed episode of gambling, only to be freed in death. She almost always is seen with an evil sword on her back, though she may leave it behind it follows her always coming back to its 'owner'. She is usually a kind caring spirit, who follows easily into subservience echoing her life. Her ghost is echos as feminine, elvish, a priestess, and innocence, having at least died a virgin, and never having submitted a sin in Tymora's eyes (other eyes however might pick out a few!).

Character vaguely follows DND rules for ghosts or occasionally Pathfinder if there's better, and the ethereal plane. If your characters theme is spirit related however, there usually won't be any reason to roll vs her to do something to her or with her. Other systems work if your character has one . Well she was originally quite a living person on the isles, she just didn't make it alas~

Reds: Anything that violates server rules, unavoidable rape (if she can get out of it reasonably, that much is fine), being used or using others as a toilet. Stay away from her asshole. (New red)

Character Themes/Kinks: Teasing, cursing, bad deals, not getting her way, monkey paw wishes. Being bought and sold. Harsh realities. Training transmutation, change.. Frustration (on her part). 'Evils already won.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf