Phaera Sardath

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UPDATE: 10/03/2020:

Phaera is a relax Drow, very sensual in her way of speaking and moving. She has been part of her adolescence and beginning of maturity with Ka'e Authic, the Valsharess / matriarch of oloth, serving her with devotion and loyalty, until one day she was betrayed by the jealousy and envy of her household members who she swore to protect. However, the benevolence of their protective Ka'e prevented them from sacrificing the young Phaera, but to their sorrow, if she banished her. She had to start again for the third time in her life with the Sardath family, which one day She had to choose between Oloth and Sardath, this time he had no more excuses to join her leader Gabrielle, former mental lover, rival and training partner.

Now, Ascended knight in the Sardath family.

Gabrielle Shardath's guardian and maybe something else. . .



[RED]: NO PVP, WAR. Permanent death, stupid people who play as 12-year-old children, in the water, head animal, animals, extreme cruelty, skirts, and for now is all.


[WHITE]:  Drows,  Drows, Drows, Drows and more Drows, please. Short pants.

[WHITE Top Secret!]:

Shemales or use magic or rings, or she really was born with a cock,  female noble drow,  cum play, blackmail, and others.

Only if you are not drow, ask me and we will see what we can do.

Note important: If you want a long and entertaining ERP, I only ask for patience and good commitment to narrate situations and physical aspects. I usually reward good ERP players, with my attention for other possible ERPs.


UPDATE: 27/02/2020

or... ;)


PD:  Native Spanish,  but French or English  ok?  

enjoy! ;)  

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf