Phaera d'Au'Tic

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UPDATE: 07/01/2020:

[Now she is the right hand of Oloth's Valsharess, her UI'sariss and maybe something else. .]

A Drow from other lands, what you see, is her, but what you will not see, will only be in your imagination.


[RED]: NO PVP, NO WAR. Permanent death, stupid people who play as 12-year-old children, in the water, head animal, animals, extreme cruelty, skirts, and for now is all.

[WHITE]:  Drows,  Drows, Drows, Drows and more Drows, please. Short pants.

[WHITE Top Secret!]:

Shemales or use magic or rings, or she really was born with a cock,  female noble drow,  cum play, blackmail, and others.


Short pants Only if you are not drow, ask me and we will see what we can do.

Note important: If you want a long and entertaining ERP, I only ask for patience and good commitment to narrate situations and physical aspects. I usually reward good ERP players, with my attention for other possible ERPs.


UPDATE: 16/11/2019

or... ;)


PD:  Native Spanish,  but French or English  ok?  

enjoy! ;)  

Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Elf