Heddra Of the Whiterock Tribe

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((Still W.i.p plz let me know if you spot spellingmistakes thanks ^^))

Heddra is a rather tall orc for a young adult, slender female build but showing off the toned orcish muscles she already carries quite a lot of battle scars all over her body, this savage orcess usually dresses in leathers and fur and for those that are curious enough to peek there is a clear bulge barely hidden by her loincloth.

personality: Heddra is a Warrior of the Whiterock tribe, she is proud and bruteish, not the brightest but she makes up for it with aggression, she seems to enjoy tormenting others and in short she is a bully.

sexuality, her preferences are simple, she likes to breed girls, but to Heddra anyone weaker or smaller than her she considers girls.

Otherwise she looks as she does in game what you see is what you get.

((the nature of this character will lead to conflicts it is inevitable, but i am not fond of PVP and would pretty much prefer to RP such things out fights and such, thanks))

Greens: lots! if it is not on my reds i most likely like it, if in doubt ask ;)

Red: Any permnent changes without ooc consent other than that i dont mind it, more than likely i would enjoy it.

Tell friendly always ^^
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human