Ruka of the Whiterock Tribe

[Work In Progress!]

Name: Ruka
Race: Orc (With odd black-red eyes)
Gender: Shemale
Age: 30ish
Height: 6'0
Personality: Dominant, mean
Hair: Dark red and wild
Eyes: Black eyes, Red iris
Build: Muscular but wirey rather than bulky

Merely by looking at her one could see that Ruka was quite fair looking as far as orcs were concerned. She wasn't quite the bulky mountain of muscle that some of the females (or shemales) of her kind were, but rather a wirey and athletic looking - much like a runner or a scout. Her tusks were fairly small and her eyes of sharp shape, with pointy ears and a hair as wild a mane as the tree-growth of a jungle, with dozens of braids, ponytails and more, often mixed with feathers, antlers, bones and pearls.

Her clothings were hardly any more civilized than her hairstyle, dressing in furs and loincloths with the occasional bracers or anklets for style or warmth. She never wore any shoes though, which would often show on her feet in the form of dust, dirt and alike.

All in all Ruka seemed to be more of a shaman or a witch-doctor of sorts than a brutish orc fighter, at home in wilds and with a variety of wild and dangerous pets and witchcraft at her disposal. At times she could be seen travelling with other orcs, a slave, some animals or even as an animal.

--==<[OOC BITS!]>==--

Obviously Ruka was intended to be an mean and evil character, even though she's quite a bit smarter and prone to subterfuge than most of her kin. A swizz army-knife of the toolbox when most orcs were hammers or axes.

RED LIGHTS: Pedophilia, Pointless PVP, Godmoding/God-Gaming/God-emoting (Seriously, go fuck yourself with a cactus), OOC Drama, OOCly mean people, Werepenguins, Sabertooth Sheep and that one guy that hangs around my local grocery store, giving me dirty looks.

YELLOW LIGHTS: Vanilla/Romance play, Submitting (That's possible, but requires a pretty good reason and proper mood from me and I'm not good at it.).

GREEN LIGHTS: So freaking many! Evil things, BDSM, Rape, Humiliation(!!!), Fear play, Anal, Oral, Vaginal, Objectification, Enslaving, Coercion, Blackmail, Abuse, Violence, Cruelty, Her partners crying, Messed make-up, Forced, Messy throatfucks, Messy sex, Cum-Play, Impregnation, Branding, Body-Writing, Collars, Public Displays, Torture, Bootlicking, Begging, Breaking someone's mind/will... The list goes on and on.

Ask me if you got something in mind that isn't listen. I don't mind tells, I'm rather tell-friendly and I'm often willing to include things I might not usually do by myself to a play if my partners wish/like to. ^^
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human