Race : Ooze Construct
Appearance is mostly WYSIWYG, it's a shapeshifter.

This goo silhouette adapt, mold itself to roughly look like a humanoid living being. Its flesh is see-through and malleable. That texture looks like.. tempting anyone to poke it in order to touch that wiggling pudding body.
And once you would have touch it, it feels, warm, a bit more than a typical human body. It feels, alive, like that ooze would move itself to surround your fingertip, as if, it was trying to analyze you. It is sticky, viscous.
The air processed inside its body would "exhale" heat, mimicking the breath of a living person. Its voice sounds like magic vibrations of the air, either masculine or feminine, depends of the shape.

Even if not fully developped, it looks like it has its own awareness. This construct seems to take a lot of fun to copy any behaviour! Most of its shapes are slimy sculptures that reacts to temperature changes. It clearly looks like a sponge, it would absorb, eat, drink things and change its own body from those nutrients. Its pH is basically neutral.

When that frame moves, all of its curves bounce, wobble in a mesmerizing tempo of each steps. You surely saw something moved in its hair.. Oh it's its hair itself that seems alive, moving, slithering, clearly not due to the wind.

Color Palette :
Metal/Blue = Water like slime
Black/Gold = Ink latex like, melted gold
White/Pink = Seed, Pinky flesh goo
Red = Blood slime.

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This character is a familiar, will search someone or a place to link with.

I am tell friendly, if you're curious about anything related to roleplay, you're welcome.
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human