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Name: Reksha
Gender: Shemale
Race: Orog
Profession: Shaman
Height: 6'11"
Weight: 330 lbs
Age: Young, as orc tend to be
Skin Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Yellow
Physique: Toned and thick

Cutting into the gloom of the night and underdark this coal figure travels with soft steps which oppose her size. Framed by messy strands of black hair her face could only be described as rough and tough. Perpetual frown creases the lips of the wide jawed orcish female. Her gaze was a deep pale yellow always scanning the surroundings searching for prey; the top of the food chain inquisitively appraising everything with mischievousness and predatory lust. Ears larger than surface orcs -indeed everything larger than weaker surface ancients- were decorated with different jewelry ranging from silver to shrunken heads depending on the moment.

Her head rests on a pair of strong broad shoulders, though her figure was not that of a hulked body-builder. Practical and efficient this Orog looked and moved like a hunting animal, often bearing the prowling roll of her shoulders as well, while the body was hammered and hardened in muscle thick and corded even if not bulging; the infamous renown of orog metallurgy showing in the strain of her body. Her bosom was moderate comparative to her size- meaning enough to smother the smaller races of the underdark if not already crushed under her weight. While malleable they hold little to no jiggle as her muscular features leave little room for excess.

Further her broad torso moves to a hardened abdomen of pectoral muscles flat and smoothed, lacking the bulging cut features of the dehydrated bodybuilders more known to the surface. Her physical form was efficient and practical down to the broadened hips and thick thighs, similarly practical and curvy yet in their toned firmness. She takes good effort to often show her legs which would be more than capable of crushing a giants skull between the thicc thighs- and very probably has before.

And of course betwixt her legs rests a heavy endowment, more than efficient as the rest of her and more than enough for the predatorial beastly orog to accomplish its purpose; that heavy slab of cockmeat drooping between her thighs and smacking against those muscular pillars when wearing loincloths, providing it uncomfortably excessive excitement. The huge dark girth was decorated with thick veins culminating to the broad black mushroom cap of her tip- more than enough to plug a leak in any hole. To supply the weighty rod of fuckflesh were her bloated balls perpetually swollen in need of excess release. Easily filling groping hands those cumfactories churn and throb their aching load of babybatter even when she is at ease; the sheer excess of these virile cumtanks nestled between her thighs known to ooze and naturally lubricate from the tip of the imperious orcish cuntsmasher. The raw fertility of those overproductive nestes nestled in their brimming sac is telling of the Orog species who reproduced like a virulent plague to infest the underdark in ancient times, offering an inescapable promise to any chamber thus seeded.

Whites:  Rough/Passionate sex, Size difference (1-3 feet), small dom big sub, intentional breeding, body worship.

Greens: Dom/sub or neutral, romance, possessiveness, internal cumshots, cervical penetration, walk ups, quickies, females, futa, light cum inflation, detailed impregnation.

Yellows: Moderate long term bondage.

Reds: Toilet stuff, torture, animals, contraception.

The Orog of the undardark are most known for their craft of wargear. At home in the volcanic forges of the deep earth they are adept at finding and most violent to claim the exotic mineral nodes of the underdark. Relationship-wise they tend towards peacefulness with Drow and Duergar, both of which engage in more or less friendly trade and value the productivity of Orog smiths. Other races are all too readily subjugated and enslaved however, particularly their weaker surface orc kin, whenever the chance for a raid and route topside is discovered. Orog vehemently avoid aboleths and the other creatures of the dark capable of psionic might, violently fearful of the mental powers that aliens possess and their physical might does not contend to.

I'm super tell friendly and always up for a chat about anything, or any dungeon runs. If you'd like to meet or arrange something just shoot me a tell! Orog are known to be relatively peaceful with Drow and Duergar, but other races may be amusing or strong enough to earn respect too. Or not. ^_-
Player:Deep Dreams
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human