Ariana Jarlson

Once a soldier always a soldier it seems.  Ariana has come a long way from the woman she was when she first set foot on the streets of Sinfar.  Long gone is the bitter angry woman who glared at anyone who had the nerve to speak to her, replaced with someone who genuinely seems to be at peace and happy with her life.

Since losing her life at the hands of the organization she once worked for, Ariana was born anew as a reaper, a guide to the souls of the recently departed.  She now wanders the streets simply waiting to sense that a soul is in need of her, or waiting for a new mission given to her by the very fates that rule us all.

Although Ariana is now a reaper, she certainly wouldn't appear to look like what most would picture a reaper to look like.  She still has her human form, though with a pair of beautiful white wings now protruding from her back.  The only other traits that may indicate her true nature are the midnight black coat she wears, appearing as if it were made out of the shadows themselves, occasionally a hood of the same strange material, and sometimes she will be holding a scythe, though usually she just leans on it.


Reds: Torture, blood, toilet play, watersports, enslavement, rape, anal

Yellows: Females, mind manipulation

Greens: Herms/shemales, males, breeding, incest, animals, cuddling, groping, teasing, seduction, story building, roleplay, probably more!
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human