Ariana Jarlson

Currently looking for someone who may be interested in playing an immortal like her.  Definitely not dark and brooding like her, let me know if you're interested and I'll let you know the details

Finished are her days of sulking and brooding in anger at the order that deceived her.  Ariana has decided to get her revenge.  A look of determination on her face when she is found on her own, planning out her next attack on the order that she served, and the other immortals who protect them.

Cold eyes look around the city as she walks, looking both determined and lost at the same time.  Ariana looks like one who has experienced her fair share of battle, leather armor covers her frame while iron grieves and gauntlets cover her limbs, while a long sword hangs at her belt.  On the side of her neck, one would see an easily visible tattoo, it looks like a sapling engulfed in flame.  The scent of alcohol can often be found on her as she drinks to forget.

Ariana has long been a member of what she believed to be an ancient society with the goal of preserving life and peace, though sometimes preserving peace requires violent acts.  Over the centuries, she has been both a warrior and an assassin, eliminating targets who were supposedly working to further their own causes and manipulate others for their own gain.  She never questioned her work, knowing that even the most beautiful towers have supports down in the dirt, and that was her, the one in the dirt.

Recently, she was dispatched to a village to deal with a cultist problem, it was reported that the entire village population was devoted to this cult, who planned to summon an ancient evil to wreak havoc on this world.  With a small force at her command, she ordered them to wipe out the cultist threat, wanting nothing more than to preserve peace.
The morning after the strike, she walked through the village to confirm that the deed had been done, that no cultist remained, and what she saw made her blood run cold.  There were no cultists, this was a simple farming village, and her forces had wiped them out, not even sparing the women or children.  Bodies littered the ground, their blood seeped into the soil, as Ariana began to question the organization she had devoted centuries of her life to.
She began to research as best she could, this society has managed to stay hidden for the most part, though she did find occasional mention of it in books and tomes.  None of the stories brought her hope, all spoke of death and destruction, innocents murdered and enslaved by this shadow cult.  Ariana left the books where they were as she slowly exited the library, in shock from what she had learned.  She spent her entire life thinking herself a hero, but now she learned that she has been a monster.  Some of the books had even mentioned someone of her description and had given her the nickname "The Black Death".  Now she wanders the world, having no motivation, no home, no friends.


Reds: Blood, torture, BDSM, toilet play, vore, death, dismemberment, enslavement, anal, rape

Greens: Seduction, trickery, males/herms/shemales (Anything with a cock), impregnation, animals, short folk, teasing/groping (usually in whispers), Just plain fucking her brains out really, incest
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human