Calindralia Ashalensen.

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NOw what is it you see here , a small short fey , Bright teal hair  bluegreen yes  so small she can fit in the palm of your hand , Nice rounded boobs short little dresses  thigh high stockings and as she flutters by a sprinkle of that fairy dust would indead to either cause you to sneeze or give you a high.
What can i say about Calin shes energentic full of life and fun , might have a bit of a mouth on her if you decided to check her out . Her award winning personality will either make her claw your eyes out of come and sit on that shoulder of you .
UPDATE:: On her skin  clearly  visable  for al too see is a simple line drawing of  a  grinning  devils  face framed  by wings , all of this is  blacked  etched into  her skin .

No long in a  relationship  with anyone. Calin is  not  a  city slave of  Saban anymore  either  the only think that would  remain on her is  the  brand of  the  grinning  devils  face framed by  wings, the  drawing  would  be  etched in black  and it would move and  shimmer all along  her  skin moving from  differernt  spots all over her  body .

REDS:Dismemberment , scat , rape , torture , body modification. Playing with her feet or ears . Unnanturally large cocks on small people . Vore , gore , permadaeath , kidnapping . There might be a few things i might of forgot so if i stop the rp for any reason it might be cause you crossed a line .
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human