Ameliana Sun-Star

This woman reeks of primal and demonic corruption, her lithe figure seeming to move more akin to a spider’s nefarious movements as opposed to an elfs.

Race: Corrupted Elf
Quellar: Myltharin
Rank: Pet and Minion

(Note, she is drawn to the scent of pure bred fey, especially plump female pixies, and can smell any blood exposed to the air for miles away)

Her skin is ash grey, her hair stalk white and marks of chitin exoskeleton covering her arms and legs. If one were to look past her bright purple eyes into her teeth, they’d see that they would be rows upon rows of sharp pointed fine fangs layered in her mouth rather than normal teeth. This nightmare is no doubt intended for biting down into soft restrained flesh and sucking into it.

When she speaks there is occasionally a chittering purr to her voice and her eyes on occasion seem to be watching two different places at the same time. While she can still feel pain she is known for having a masochistic joy from it, squealing in delight from deep cuts.

She enjoys strangling her prey and holding them down as she chokes the life force from them and feeds on their tasty flesh, but her hands are adorned with razor claws made for tearing into flesh as needed.

Her poison can be injected at the extent of her claws or bite (rp’ed as a stunning fist), that can cause a prey to lose control over their body if they fail a fortitude save.

Unlike most spiders she has no real web capability, she prefers dragging her prey off as the poison paralyzes them, and hanging them tied up in a pantry like a sack of meat. Feeding on them at her leisure.

Sex: Female
Gender: Woman
Orientation: Lesbian

ERP Favorites:
Petplay, Cattleplay, Groups, Lactation, Breeding, Pregnancy, Females, Futas, BDSM, Piercings, Humiliation, Lesser Treatment, Prejudice, Slavery, Servant, Rape, Prostitution, Licking, being fed upon, blood sucking.

Male Drow, Beasts, Vore


Other Men, Scat
Gender (Visually):Female
Race (Visually): Human